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Question about Proactiv and Acne Free

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Well, one year ago, i started to use acne free. I used it 4 months: november, december, january and february. It wasn't working for me, made me break out so much and i had the worst acne ever (in that time). Also my face was really dry. In March i decided to use proactiv (i didn't know they were the same ingredients). Proactiv really helped me a lot.. My face started to clear, the dryness was still there, but i could get rid of it by april. Actually, by april and may, i had no acne!!! I just had the red marks and some nonimflammatory things but it wasn't bad. I loved proactiv and i kept using it.

So my question is, do u think that if i had kept using acne free i would've hav the same results that i did ? Because they are suppoused to be the same..

*i used also the mouisturizer and the mask from proactiv.

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I had used ProAcvtive first and it worked all right: then I switched to

this thing called ProAcne (confusing name lol) and it worked just the

same I'd say. But ProAcne had to change to Acne Free because ProActive

complained they were too similar, and they were copying. Unfortunately

I think the formula changed somewhat as well, not just the name, and

I don't think Acne Free is as good as ProActive. Well, that's my 2 cents. :D

I don't think you woulda had the same results.

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I use ProActive and I used to wash my face with the first step in like 10 seconds... on the bottle it says rub it around for 1-2min! I've started washing my face for longer with ProActive and I have seen big results. I still get acne from hormones and "that" time, but I always make mine worse by popping and picking.

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whoa i sersiously thought i posted that tarabear.. i have been goin through the exact same thing

i always make it worse by popping and picking.

but where on the bottle does it say rub for 1-2 minutes.. that would like bleach my face and im trying to keep a tan with my acne.

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