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Yet ANOTHER tane log. Near the end.

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Ok, I am really messed up with counting, I have no idea where I am on it...day 67? Let's say that.

day 67

Further improvement over the past week. Got a breakout on my neck of a few cysts. Also have a pimple on my eye socket again. (sigh)

Other than that its all improvement, chest is looking better than I gave credit for earlier.





My hobby:post-70460-1209709670_thumb.jpg

I also wanted to show you how smooth my actual jawline is, 80% of my "Acne" is just red marks.


That is a close up of the left side of my jawline, my most problematic area I think. If you look you can tell it is really just a red mark left over from actual acne. That is physical proof that this stuff is working.

I'm getting kind of ticked off over the quality of my camera. Money is kind of tight though (saving for a large business investment) so I might not be able to buy a nice camera for a while. Hopefully before the end of the course.

Thanks for continuously reading my blog,


P.S. Brentkid, the photo of the week is your favorite hobby (mine is solving rubik's cubes and similar puzzles)

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Hey all,

So I made a huge mistake last weekend. I mowed my yard all nice any perty, spent about 3-4 hours on it, without sunblock or anything smart like that. My skin was fine, but my lips were in need of Aquaphor. Too bad I was at a friends house for 2 days with no access to Aquaphor. It was hell. When I got back I put on precisely 4 gallons of Aquaphor and about an hour later my lips peeled. It was not pretty at all. Literally a quarter inch of lip came off because it was so baked and neglected that it had dried up and died.

Let this be a lesson, take your Aquaphor or equivalent with you, everywhere.

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I hear that. I was at my brother's track meet the other weekend with no lip balm or anything. My lips hurt so bad for the next two days.

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It doesn't help that I picked it until all the dead skin was off, I have OCD and therefore sometimes I can't stop myself. Usually I can deal with it though, but after that picking my lips were kind of bloody. :o

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Another week, 7 more pills.

Day 74

Been kind of a boring week, can't wait for school to end so I can actually have some free time in my day.

I'm not really happy with the healing of the red-marks, nor the outbreaks I have had in the past few days. They have been minor, a few white-heads (which I hardly EVER get) in my jawline.

I really wish the red marks would heal, I know when I go post tane they will disappear like magic but I'd like them to be gone now.

I'm going to start taking 80mg daily as prescribed, I just wanna make sure to reach my accumulative dosage and maybe even far surpass it.





Hobby:post-70460-1210378978_thumb.jpg (Sweet ass motorcycle helmet that makes me 100% incognito)

Overall I am still very happy with taking the course, I guess you could just call this a mid-course blah. I'm sure I'll feel better soon. :D


Dammit, I need to shave again as evident by the photos.

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Simple update:

Been taking 80mg the last few days, seems to be working out alright.

my Business is going well, I got an e-mail concerning a huge bulk order that if it winds up going down I'll be buying a new motorcycle, heh.

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Hey Bob,

I'm glad things are slowly getting better for you!! You're a good-looking guy, and your recent pictures have shown so much improvement. I have Rosacea and acne (non-cystic) and am thinking about trying lower-dose Accutane, since nothing else has been working. Your log is very reassuring... Hope things get better and better (and, since this is Accutane, I'm sure things will).

All the best!


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Thanks Lauren, the only real bother right now is the cysts on my neck and the red marks, which are (as you can see) still very prominent.

P.S. New record of sales today, I luhrve my job. Haha

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Day 80-summit

The past week has been so hectic. Sales have exploded, I'm having a hard time keeping up! Acne, or rather EVERYTHING has taken a back seat to the business, woo!





I've been taking 80mg a day as I was supposed to be taking since 2 months ago, heh.

Only thing I've noticed is much drier skin, I have to apply Aquaphor at night to my entire face or ELSE :redface:

I'm in a good mood, superbly.


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I'm on 80mg a day, and it's kicking my butt. I am always tired, and my lips are permanently dry. About twenty minutes after I put on Aquaphor they are back to peeling again. Just push through and don't let anyone see you sweat. haha.

Looking at your first pictures and your most recent, you look so much better! I hope you are noticing the major improvements, because if you do, it will definitely keep your spirits up.

So when are you supposed to be done with the Accutane?

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Thanks Raina. I turn 16 in 2 days so that will be pretty cool. I can finally get myself a motorcycle license and a proper (legal) bike.

I am supposed to be done with accutane...I don't know I haven't been paying any attention, heh.

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Wow, 16? I thought you were a lot older than that. Of course, people always used to (and still do) say that I look and act older than I am. I pass for a college student most of the time. I told someone I was a junior, and they were like "at UNR???".... not exactly. haha.

I'm almost 18 and I still don't have my license...I would recommend you get it as soon as you can. Depending on others to get you places sucks.

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Yeah, I have to admit you're right. Especially when I need to go to the post office nightly and I have to wait for my mom to get ready. Haha.

Life is so strange. I am happy and successful for once and all of my friends are in terrible moods all of a sudden. Suicidal and inconsolable...

Life is strange.

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May 20th.

My birthday.

Today was kind of lame I guess. Somebody at school caught wind that it was my birthday and then the classroom sang to me...

But of course the teachers weren't in the room at the time so they still gave me the normal shit.

I've been listening to some music from "regulas" one of the users here. His stuff is good...too good. It's making me feel worse than before. But he has some real talent.

I've decided to spend the next 3 months devoted to physical fitness. I'm going to stop energy drinks and soda cold turkey. I might have a low carb monster...maybe once a week if I'm good? I'm going to devote an hour a day to my gym.

I've always been interested in bettering my life...but at my own pace. Does that make sense? If someone tells me I need to go to college it makes me not want to go. It has to be my idea and no one elses...strange I know.

Something very profound seems to have happened today. I turned 16 and I just realized...it's just another day. I'm not stronger, smarter, better looking, anything. I'm just one day older. If I weren't here life would go on for everyone and no one would know the difference. (Let me just say real quick that I'm not contemplating suicide or anything just FYI.)

One more thing.

Do you remember when you rode your first bicycle? Do you remember it like it was yesterday?

Your whole life will have those moments, and in the end you will only have those memories to guide you, to enjoy. So do what you love in life, don't let anyone stop you. You won't go anywhere if you let any single person tell you "no." As I said earlier, life will go on with or without you, so make the best of each day, and make sure you spend every moment doing something you love.

Thanks for reading,


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Well, not much to report really. Here are some photos.




Got a big cyst on my neck unfortunately. Other than that I'm like 95% clear of facial acne.

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wow i can see a big improvement too thats great and am glad its working for you and keep going with it all the best and take care oh and happy belated birthday ;)

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bob, you might have mentioned this somewhere in this big ass log, but I'm wondering, what kind of isotretinoin are you on?

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Day blarg

Been enjoying my Summer so far. Taking my bike out every day and riding around, enjoying the sun and whatnot.

Heres some more photos.




Obviously need to shave. Red marks don't seem to be doing anything. Oh well.

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Thanks. To be honest I can't see the improvement in myself, but I will trust you guys/Raina to be honest.

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