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josh finished

Finished roaccutane/accutane today

Alright, so I'm finished.

I've still got red marks, and since going on Roaccas I got chest acne that I never had before.

What should I expect over the next few weeks?

How long till my lips are normalish?

How long did it take you until you could get a tan again?

When I shave, I get a few pimples wher I do (every time). How is this going to change?

Just general thigns you notice plz. THanks

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Could you give a few more details like your dosage, weight, how long you took it, and if you took all capsules with food?

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Hi Josh!

Then I read you last message I was little surprised. You sad you was on 60mg during 6 months – am I right?! But this is a very big dosage for your weight. (I’m asking it because I’m also 65 and my dosage now 60mg, but I’m going to reduce it to 50 on next month and to 40 mg after 2 months - now I’ve just started (with 60mg)).

Now about your questions: How I now all side-effects have to gone approximately after 2 weeks after you fish your accutane treatment.

BTW, what is your total dosage? I thought, what for our weight it’s about 120x65 = 7800 mg (on all course). But how I understood in your case it was more higher, right?

PS: Excuse my bad english (I’m from Russia).

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Hrmm dont know about your doseage.

Mine was for back acne and for face acne, but I got chest stuff once I went on it.

Backs clear, face is clear (with red marks), chest is kinda clear (expecting it to go away now that I'm done)

It's been a week and I can already go in the sun a huge amount more (still not like normal), my lips dont need nearly as much lip balm.

Derm said 4 weeks, im expecting it to be easy after next week.

I dont know, I guess it was somewhere over 9000mg.


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