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As some might know my name is Jp and i have posted in my 3 days here what i think is some helpful information but now i want to talk about everyones obsession with perfection.

In 2001 i started doing spanish soap opears and there answer to my face was make-up. they would tell me that i need to look perfect in order to be on T.V. This Crap messed with my head and i started to seriously get depressed. As time passed well my acne cured and now my face is almost flawless but heres something that i would of never thought. My best friends name is rayito he is considered by many to be the best guitar player in the world and he is a very well known music producer. He has worked with such people as Enrique Iglesia, Ricky martin, David Bisbal Son By Four and many other famous latin artist. If any of you know anything about latin music or have any CD of this people you can see that he has also compossed songs for them. Jaleo from ricky matin is one that is well known. Pointless information that leads to this. I live on North Bay road in miami beach. about 25 houses away lives ricky martin and well one day Rayito had to go to ricky martins house to finish off some guitars for the song jaleo, i went along with him cause hell i wanted to meet ricky martin lol.well to my surprise the guy was pretty cool he wasnt all like iam god look me. Of course at this time i still had some acne and me thinking that iam this monster. well when we were face to face i notice something that left me rather shocked The left side of rickys face was ALL SCARS AND HAD ACNE ON TOP OF PIMPLES. i was like omg i wanted to talk to the guy about his face because a lot of time acne sufferes talk about what they are doing to solve their problem. Of course i didnt mention anything cause damn you know iam aware of what i had and he knows it as well. whatever my friend was working this guy left for like 1 hour and later came back dressed to go out but i notices something different....He was IN COMPLETE MAKEUP coverup from all his scars and imperfections. of course i was like it ricky martin the guy needs to look 100% all the time but that made me think.. Here we are killing our mind with trying to get our faces to look like movie stars WHEN they are having it as bad as us lol. ever since that day i look at myself and say i just want to look like myself and know one else. this made me realize how bad TV and all the media is at trying to make perfection exist when it doesnt. Scars, Acne, pimples, moles whatever it is you have it and thats it. Sure we want to look our best and exploit our full potentional but just because for now you cant you can not seclude yourself from the world. The reason i write this is because i notice that a lot of people have to deal with crap from society but listen take it from me 99% of what you see is not real. hope this helps someone

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I think I saw the picture of Ricky Martin's scars before.

It doesn't really make me feel better though because I can't wear make up. I just want to get clear on dan's regimen

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That's the one thing I hate about the media. They're trying so hard to tell the public that being perfect is a must. Well, to hell with that!

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