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How often should you exfoliate?

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I recently read that people should only exfoliate their skin 1-2 times per week or else it can damage the skin. Many daily facial scrubs are exfoliators so this wouldn't make sense?

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It depends on the sensitivity of your skin and the type of acne you have. For people with skin that isn't too sensitive and that have mostly noninflamed acne, using a gentle, nonabrasive scrub is helpful (one with smooth round silica scrubbing beads - nothing with apricot pits or anything like that). I use a gentle cleansing scrub from my acne clinic's product line twice a day with no problems. If you have sensitive skin and/or have mainly inflamed acne, then scrubs are not a good option as they can over-irritate the skin and cause inflamed acne to spread.

There are other ways to exfoliate for those with sensitive skin or inflamed acne. Chemical exfoliation with AHA or BHA products can really help. Gentle exfoliation with a soft facial brush or a soft washcloth a few times a week can also work for some people.

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I body exfoliate twice a week, but was doing it everyday the first week I started lol

I'm sure for the face you'd only do it one or twice a week. My guess is that those daily facial scrubs you're talking about aren't exfoliating as strongly as the ones you're talking about that you'd use once/twice a week. I'd give you names of the stronger ones for the face but I'm still figuring that out too...

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"Stronger" scrubs might just mean harsher. Stay away from scrubs with ground-up seeds or fruit pits, as the sharp edges can make micro-tears in your skin, which isn't good no matter how often you use or don't use it. If your skin can handle a gentle "micro-bead" scrub every day, then you can use it every day. If you start to notice redness or an increase in acne, then back off. I personally only use a scrub when I notice flaky skin, which isn't very often. I keep my skin exfoliated with a gentle salicylic acid product and moisturize to keep the flakes away.

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It depends on the skin I'd say. I exfoliate everyday and my skin feels great

and it's smooth and not irritated at all. Probably it wouldn't be a good idea to

exfoliate if you have mostly inflamed acne though, that could be pretty harsh.

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Got to agree with everyone else. If your acne is inflamed or you are red and irritated, don't risk it. I suggest Microfiber cloths or a miracle cloth which is specifically made for super sensitive skin. I personally only do it once a week or even less depending on my sensitivity level .If I have active inflammation, I don't go there. It will do more damage than good.

I also think people use products that are way too harsh. Unless you have steely-tough skin, stay with gentle, like stuff with non-abrasives in it. I personally cringe when I see Buff Puffs and Apricot scrubs. they tear up your skin therefore inviting bacteria to take up house. If you do exfoliate, do a anti-bacterial wash afterward. It's effective in killing those suckers.

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