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Dry patches of skin

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I am on Month 5 at 80 mg and I have been getting dry patches of skin on my arms. I had it on my hands and my derm gave me a steroid gel to put on my hands and it went away. I put the gel on my arms and it doesn't help. I put lotion on the patches to help and it gets somewhat better for a bit but goes back to being really dry. Does anyone know of anything I can use besides prescription topicals? I also have all these scratches on my arms and I don't know how I got them. Could it be from scratching my itchy skin?

Oh I also am getting dry patches on my ears. I kind of picked at some of it and my ear started to bleed. I was freaking out but it finally stopped.

This never happened on my first round of accutane and I was on 100 mg for three months.

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Haha, at least i am not the only one with this problem. It sucks though becuase I hate to let people see my skin. Maybe my derm will have some suggestions on monday.

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I too am on 80 mg/day. I have one week left of month five, then I'm done with the treatment course. I have the same symptoms. I find they are exacerbated when I take a long, hot shower, or when I wear short sleeve shirts. I find long-sleeved shirts that don't stick to your skin to help a lot.

So basically, shorter/colder bathing, long-sleeved non-abrasive/sticky clothing, and moisturizing is what rids it.

However, I loooove hot showers so I have trouble following my own advice.

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The only thing is I don't wear long shirts that often. I like my tees and t-shirts. I don't use really hot water for my showers, it has to be between hot and warm, more towards warm and my showers aren't very long. The lotion helps but if I forget in the morning my skin get dry again.

I hope this month is my last but I don't know. Where I go they have several residents and the head Derm. Lately have seen a new resident everytime and they all have their own opinion on what to do with my dosage. Last time they didn't even have my chart I had to tell them what was going on.

I guess I should just try to remeber to put lotion twice a day. Thanks for the help fryedegg

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