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Used the Original Regimen for Two Years, Need Help

I've had pretty moderate to severe acne (nothing scarring) since high school and four years ago, I went to a dermatologist to take monocycline or tricocycline or something like that. After that ran out, I just used the original regimen that was on this site, which was Lever 2000 and Neutrogena Cream.

My face would be clean on and off, so I've never really altered my regimen but, at this point, I think I want to make my face more consistently clean, as for the past year, my face has rarely been clear for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

Most of my acne is on the side of my face, such as my temples but mostly on my cheeks, and recently I've been getting some acne on the underside of my face (you know, where a beard normally grows).

I don't have much facial hair, so I almost never shave the left and right underside of my face, so I don't think that's a factor in the acne.

I get some zits on my nose sometimes, but it's very rare, and I only get zits on my forehead from wearing a hat, but my T-zone is pretty oily.

I always have to wipe off my nose and forehead with my bare hands a few times during the day due to the oil (the touching doesn't create any acne, though).

I've been thinking about getting a cleanser, but I'm afraid that it might actually make my acne on the side of my face worse, and possibly create breakouts on the front.

Any recommendations or insight?

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try cetaphil or clean and clear cleanser. if you use moisturiser - don't apply too much!

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