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Does anybody else feel like they have tried every product on gods green earth only to come out the other side looking the same or worse. I recon that i have used every product in every combination possible whether it be washing once a day, twice a day, moisturising once a day, twice a day, not at all, combining products, washing in the shower, at the sink, with water, without water, standing on my head aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

So im giving it all the finger and am just going to use cool water and an aloe vera 100% gel before i go to bed for the redness. I have no active acne but have mild rosacea and enlarged pores so i may aswell have.

The way i see it is face wash is designed to take away the oil build up on the face but everything i use drys me out to the bullshit. Therefore i am using only water as my face appears slightly dry after i do this anyway.

if it is slightly dry am i right in assuming that the oil has been successfully removed?

I am just so sick of this continuous drying out, then re-moisturising of my skin- it cant be good for it.

What you guys think, am i playing with fire?

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ya take vitamin b5 aka pantothenic acid and it should help reduce oil. take about 8-10 grams daily for 3-4 months, it comes in pill form and u should be able to find it at a pharmacy or online. also buy B-complex vitamins because massive doses of b5 causes a defiency in other b vitamins so taking one b complex pill daily should prevent that.

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wash only with Cetaphil. if you have rosacea you need to be extra gentle and sometimes minerals in tap water can irritate your skin. you can read about Cetaphil under slick's post or here's the summary:

wash your hands w/anti-bacterial soap for 20-30 seconds. then pour Cetaphil on your hands (silver dollar size) and massage in circular motions over your face. then tissue off or use a soft washcloth and wipe off. notice you do not use ANY water with this. and don't wash your face in the shower with water.

this way you don't need to moisturize at all bc what you didn't wipe off acts like a really gentle moisturizer.

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