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Da Real BucK

Around how much would a Dr.'s visit to a derm be without insurance?

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I am paying for everything out of pocket as I am not insured. My derm, cost me 85 initially, they gave me a cash discount because usually it is 110. My lab work cost me 69 dollars a month, and follow up visits to the derm cost me 45 dollars. My Sotret, jeez! a whopping 360 dollars a month. When you are paying out of pocket, let the dr know, I am a student and I am doing this because I have tried everything else and want to feel pretty before I am 30. I told her I am a student and after seeing my skin NEEDED accutane, she gave me a discount, a coupon for the accutane, and a whole lot of free samples of Aquaphor, and gentle cleanser, she even gave me enough samples of the birth control just so I wouldn't have to pay for that too. If your skin NEEDS accutane (my derm must have felt pretty bad for me) and you are in a poor situation with health insurance, your derm is probably willing to help out. (OH, yeah, go to COSTCO, they were at least 150 dollars cheaper than CVS and Rite aid to fill the perscription, and you do not need to be a member)

I hope that info helped,


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Yes it did.. I will def. check out costco. I will be paying everything out of pocket as well, but being acne free is priceless so it doesn't bother me. Thanks again..!

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