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What now?

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Ok so here's the situation.

I've been on the regimen for 2 months and my skin has almost completely cleared.

The problem is that my skin is progressively becoming dryer. Moisturizing used to be enough but I doesn't seem like it's doing the trick any more. I also have a LOT of red marks and discolouration from a year of mild - moderate acne. My skin is no longer inflamed or painful which in my eyes is a win, but it looks worse than it did before I started the regimen.

My question is, what do I do now?

Considering that my skin is clear should I stop using BP? I'm thinking that I'll start applying it only in the evening.

Should I start treating my red marks?

I'm also sick of the fact that I constantly have so many chemicals on my face. I'm only using 1/2 finger of BP and about 1/4 finger moisturizer but if I run my fingers along my face around midday rolls of the dried cream / gel form under my fingers.

Should I wash this off?

I honestly have no idea what I should be doing at this point.

Has anyone out there been in the same situation or have any advice for me?

I'd really like some help.


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I have been on the regimen now for 3 months and in the first 2 I was very very dry. I am still dry however not so bad. If I was you now that your skin is clear I would keep up with the regimen and try exfoliating to get rid of the flakes and dead skin cells. Maybe try adding jojobo oil to your moisturizer. I use cetaphil moisturizer and it works pretty good, you can try that as well. Also I have heard alot on Emu Oil, do a lookup and maybe that can help you with the dryness. It goes through 5 layers of the skin and is also listed to help acne. They use it for burn victims and scars so this could take care of your scarring. Hope this helped.

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Try to continue the regimen for awhile longer. Keep using the BP2.5% ,the chance that acne comes back is still high. Keep your skin clear of acne ,the skin will regenerate without new acne ,so that it can heal the red marks. Red marks take a long time to dissapear. Try to exfoliate once or twice a week ,it will help your skin to regenerate too.

What is your 2nd problem exactly? Having too dry skin during the day?

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