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back to forum :/

Hey guys...

I have not been here for ages.

I actually felt clear and everything but suddenly i'm struggling with some problems again.

My skin really was great but i kept doing the regimen.

When my skin was free of all those redmarks i was so damn happy but now i'm going back to the day i started using the regimen.

I just can't figure out why that is :/

First i'll show you the products i'm using:



-cordes bpo 3%gel

The thing is I've been using that cleanser for a while, also back then when my skin was very nice so I think it should be just fine.

I'm not so sure about the moisturizer though, perhaps you can tell me more about it. It seems to work quite ok (flakes come back after some hours..).

So now my acne is coming back quite strong. I always have some very small pimples now which I can't even pop and some bigger ones which I CAN pop. I can't really remember whether I did pop them in former times or if just let them be.

Now I am actually popping every little pimple as soon as it is visable. So new ones develope just in the area around the old one.

Do you guys think I should just stop and leave them alone ? I'm not used to have that pimples again and just don't know what to do...

It feels like the regimen does not work anymore, so I came back to the forum searching for help. I didn't exfoliate really anymore so that could be another thing causeing my pimples so I'll start doing that now as well.

My skin doesn't look really clean as well (not talking about spots) it just looks some kind of "dirty" dunno :(

hm since the text is quite long already and I don't want you to read too much at once I'm gonna save some for later.

thanks in advance for your reply

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My guess is that your new acne is some combination of not exfoliating like you used to (which would also explain the dirty look to your face, that's dry dull skin) and perhaps unconsciously using less BP than you used to. I wouldn't pop your pimples if you can help it.

Your moisturizer and cleanser both have tea tree oil in them, which is an antibacterial ingredient that works similarly to BP, but this can also contribute to your dryness issues. I'd think about switching to something else more basic without tea tree oil or any other active ingredients, but since they did work for you before, I don't think these are necessarily making your present acne worse.

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At a certain point in nearly every regimen you need to start some sort of exfoliation. I say nearly because powerful retinoids like Retin A can often make your skin peel on its own and therefore you won't need strong exfoliation, just a light touch to remove the extra skin.

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Thanks so far guys.

Yea I was also thinking that the "dirty-look" was coming from not exfoliating. I used to do the babybrush method but I'm not sure if the brush is all that soft.

Not sure about the sugar method - my moisturizer is quite a bit expensive so I should probably not use it for that. Is there another good way you are familiar with ?

My first guess was that I could be using less BPO so i used more. It did not really change my situation except for the dryness.

The products are very expensice as well:

cleanser is like 11€

moisturizer 10€

bpo 15€

I wasn't always using that moisturizer, actually I bought it around christmas.

The thing is that here, Austria, I just can't get the right products I'd like to get. Probably I'll just order DANS products. (btw I'm not up to date, do they still do a good job ? I mean when i came here last year everyone was impressed by them)

I read that "biggest mistakes" thing before and just did again.

I'm really gentle and everything..never changed anything like that really.

I'm going to try to stop eating candies and burgers and junk food like that - perhaps it'll help.

I also have some kind of tan-lamp at home which has UV and Ultra Violet light. One of those settings is meant to help against acne and since my skin was quite good in summer I was thinking of giving it a try. What do you think ?

Thanks again much appreciate it !

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