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What's the deal with red spots?

I've heard that they take 4-6 months to fade completely. But ya know, I really wouldn't mind if I was confident that my makeup doesn't re-aggravate those spots. The reason being is that red spots, while they are a discoloration, are usually smooth with the surrounding tissue - which makes it a lot easier to conceal with makeup. I've been using makeup for this purpose since my senior year in high school..... and I'm now 24. I wonder if I've made acne stick around longer than it normally would... evne though my derm said the one I'm currently using "should" be ok.

Are red spots nothing more than hyperpigmentation? Or are these spots more prone to irritation flare-ups? And lastly, I'm guessing the answer is yes, that Accutane slows the progress of healing in these areas?

Some of u have suggested different topical applications to alleviate the appearance of red spots and/or to promote healing..... I will see what the dermatologist has to say about this on Tuesday for my 1st monthly checkup. Anything to get rid of those hideous reminders!!!!!!

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accutane actually made my red spots fade a lot faster. while i was on it and i happened to get at teeny bump i'd pick at it. it would leave a red mark for maybe 1 day, 2 days tops. then perfect skin again. now, if i just get a pimple and don't pick i get red marks for over 3 weeks. and if i DO pick, it's months before they even get a little less red...but by that time another pimple has come up in the same exact spot.

the best thing is a peel. and use sunscreen afterwards.

you know i think cosmetics actually irritate your skin more and make the red hang around more. even your cleanser now could be causing it. try using Cetaphil with absolutely no water. i have been doing this for the past two days and my skin is baby soft and the red marks seem to be fading (crossing fingers) along with my using Retin-a. oh and try not to wear make-up unless you absolutely have to.

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well, I'm not in the business of picking....... maybe it works for u... but I'm sure others aren't so lucky.

I use Cetaphil liquid soap..... but if I don't use water, it leaves a film on my face that can be noticeable once it dries up. (yes, I do wipe off the excess)

As for the makeup, I'm gonna try to only put it on when I absolutely need to.... the only problem is, the office right next door to where I work just hired an absolute knockout of a blonde..... so I've got a big problem!!!!!!


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