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Dan's Super Duper Cool Accutane Loggy Thingy! xD

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Hmm.. A little about meee!!

Hmm.... Instead of saying my whole forum name up theree you can just call me Dan!! ( excuse my !!!'s I'm really energetic, loud, and usually very optimistic xD ) I'm a guy. And i'm Filipino. And I use to have moderate - severe acne up until I met with my super cool Dermatologist and prescribed me antibiotics. Which I went downn to Mild-moderate ( thank goodness ^^ ) And I have very much enlarged pores and extremely oily skin. xD

I've had acne ever since I was in 7th grade ( i'm 17 now and i'm a junior in HS ) and boy was it a hard life ( Especially sophomore year, oh my >.> ) But, in a way. I will thank my acne for teaching me many many valuable lessons in my life. But the most important lesson that i've learned is not to judge people by their looks. Right now, us acne sufferers, when some people look at us sometimes they give the, " omg! " ( i've gotten them a lot before xD ) But... the one thing people should realize is... If we never had acne, we would probably be some of the most beautiful people ever in both looks and more importantly, personality. Our personality makes us who we are, if people can't appreciate that, then they miss out on the best people to ever meet!! ^^

Well anyways back on topic xD In my hands as we speak, I hold the box of which contains accutane. And I very much hope this will finally rid me of persistent acne ^^. I will be starting it tomorrow mainly because I'm not good with taking medicine before bed so :X But i'll be keeping a log here for anyone who is interested in knowing about my progress xD

I will also be putting pictures up later tonight ( Probably after I shower xD ) I'll try to make it consistent ( around every day - every 2 days ) to see my progress.

Wish me luck! ^^ !

- Dan

Thanks for reading =)

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Pictures before Accutane:




A little red cuz i just washed xD But yeah.. enlarged pores on the nose which gets clogged and makes it all bumpy. Mild-moderate acne and some scarring xD

My pores are large and in turn makes my skin very very excessively oily. I hope accutane helps in reducing size of pores and the oil ^^;'

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So yeah... sorry i havent been able to update ^^;'

But from day 1-6 my face seemed to have been alright xD

But the 7th day, i broke out in mainly around my mouth area o.o;'' so i have 5-7 active whites around my mouth xD Im not sure if thats the initial breakout but i'll live through it ^^

Also, my face and my lips have been very dry lately xD I've been using Clean & Clear morning glow moisturizer and chap stick xD The moisturizer doestn seem to be helping a whole lot though so if anyone would like to recommend one ^^

But so far the whiteheads arent too much of trouble i guess i'll live xD

Also does anyone know if its alright to take antibiotics along with accutane? ^^ Thanks =)

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Day 8

So yeah..... i counted about 15 actives around my mouth >.>;' this isn't going so well but i'm still confident about staying with accutane. I'm not sure if this is the initial break out but who knows! XD

So far, my skin is extremely dry and peeling and along with that, the oil in my skin is still there so I have like a weird combination with oily skin + a dry/peeling skin. My skin is also very chapped and ive been using chapstick.

I will post some pictures up later

And also, would anyone like to recommend a facial cleanser and a moisturizer? Thankies ^^

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Day 8

So yeah..... i counted about 15 actives around my mouth >.>;' this isn't going so well but i'm still confident about staying with accutane. I'm not sure if this is the initial break out but who knows! XD

So far, my skin is extremely dry and peeling and along with that, the oil in my skin is still there so I have like a weird combination with oily skin + a dry/peeling skin. My skin is also very chapped and ive been using chapstick.

I will post some pictures up later

And also, would anyone like to recommend a facial cleanser and a moisturizer? Thankies ^^

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Hmm i will go check that out, thanks ^^

I forget what day im in but we'll say day 10.

So I have these clusters of white head all between my lips and my chin, and one on the side of my mouth... If i count them i guess there's about 10-15 whiteheads, around there, but a lot of them started drying up and some popped by themselves ( probably when i was or laughing ) It seems that i'm only breaking out around my mouth though.

Anyone ever experience an initial breakout thats only on one specific area?

Side Effects:

Headache ( massive headache for the pass 3 days >.> ) dry lips and skin, but skin is still oily so.

Besides the clusters of white heads around my mouth, everything else is clear :D I hope they go away through the weekend xD

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I've only started treatment 8 days ago so I'm not totally sure about this but...

From what I've seen, the IB can (and usually is) focused on one or more specific areas.

Keep at it! You are really optimistic which is great!

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Thanks ^^! I try to look in the brightside even though things look bad xD


Day 12?

Im not good with keeping up on dates =P

So the white heads that were around my chin today are startng to dry up and go away, theres maybe 5-7 white heads now which is lovely compared to 10-15 xD But boy is my skin dryy!! o.o;' I cant even open my mouth wide enough to eat so I use a smaller spoon xP ( I should really get a better moisturizer xD )

Side Effects:

Chapped Lips and very dry facial skin is alll! Headaches all gone :D !! Wooh xD

Also, when this is random but.

Whenever it feels like something like acne is bringing me down, I tend to listen to this song

It has no words to describe its meaning, but just listening to it makes me feel that everything is gonna turn out alright

I'm learning this song in the guitar now actually xD <--- these were pretty random I know, but i thought i would share ^^

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Hahaha don't worry, i'll always be like this xD But in terms of optimism, you should look up to RCRanger. I must say that I have a lot of respect for him. He's been through so much more than I could possibly have, and he's still as optimistic as he is. And i must admit, he's one of the few people that I would actually look up to as a hero.

And as forr the topicals, yeah i'm probably going to ask my derm tomorrow ^^ I gotta get some sleep or else i'll be late for school o.o;'

And yes ^^ I remember that song very well xD I haven't heard it in awhileee but now that I listen to it more closely, it is a pretty upbringing song! I'll probably keep this one in my ipod XD

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Day 13

I must say.

My skin, is on FIRE. >.>;' I have several whiteheads and i have a big one right next to my mouth. And below my mouth are the several inflamed whiteheads. on the side of my nose, near my cheeks i have 2 pustles and near my mouth line i have 3 on each side ^^;' Between my eye brows, i have a cyst going on there.

But, I gotta keep positive! Patience is key for now i guess.

Also, i do have one problem. When i get whiteheads, instead of getting a small or atleast medium sized head, mine gets huge. I have no idea why... anyone ever experience this problem?

Thanks again!!

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hi dan:), i'm on day 9 right now so i'm just 4 days behind you! my symptoms are pretty similar to yours though. i've been having whiteheads like crazy during my first 3-5 days (and i mean like 30 mini ones on my chin that stings!)...but they died after 2-3 days and i was clear for 1.5 days. all i had were red marks. but i was too happy too early because now i have 4 pimples again on my chin and i feel at least 2 more coming. so yeah all mine are around my mouth.chin area so far too....and my skin is literally snowing off flakes. :ninja: i just started using emu oil on top of my cetaphil moisturzier and its better than cetaphil alone. :), maybe you can give it a try too?

btw, how many glasses of water do you drink a day?? i drink around 10-12 glasses a day since i've been on the tane and i have no headaches whatsoever. so yeah try to drink more water if you aren't already doing so :angel:

keep up with the optimism! ;) i'll be following your log as i go along with mine too!

ps: your face doesn't even look like it needs accutane...it looks clear in the pictures!

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Thank you ^^ It's mainly because of the anti-biotic that i was taking before accutane xD ( Actually i'm still taking it along with accutane )

Anyways, yeah my face is flaking quite a lot >.>;' and i'll definitely give that one a try ^^ ( anythings better than these patches of dry skin around my mouth xD )

It doesn't seem clear in the picture, and A LOT and i mean a lottt of the scars were gone because of the 3 chemical peels that i had. My derm said that we should do some chemical peels before accutane to avoid some permanent scarring ( and boy did it work ^^ ! )

It's also not clear in the pictures, but I actually have very enlarged pores that the accutane will definitely shrink up along with my the oil. ( My skin was EXTREMELY oily >.>;' she said i was the first to come in with this much oil production in a long time xD ) In addition, i had stubborn acne that kept coming back and also i had these bumps on my nose. They're not zits because they've been there for around 6 months now. The derm said its a clogged pore that the accutane will help bring out ^^ And boy I hope it does! It's not clear there, but my nose is very bumpy xD !

As for how many glasses of water I drink.... I drink a lot o.o;' Not exactly sure how much, but I see myself constantly going downstairs to get 2 glasses of water every hour o.o;' dehydration much? xDD !!

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Oh oh and I forgo tthe log, i haven't had the chance to get online to post a log lately because it was standarized testing week >.>;' So i'll post write about the days i missed now xD

Day 14:

When I woke up that morning, it seemed that my chin has actually improved. Despite the burning sensation I had last night, the moment I woke up everything started fading away o.o Cool huh!? xD

Day 15

Pretty much, all the whiteheads on my chin has dried up! I'm so happy that they're gone! But i shouldn't get my hopes up too much xD Who knows, they might just come back again :X

Day 16

Everythings pretty much gone! ^^ !! Well around my mouth atleast xD Just dry spot and red marks is all =) I do have something going on between my eye brows, but its nothingi can't handle ( i'll just cover it with my bangs xD ! I'm such a cheater =P )

Day 17

I have 1 growing on the side of my chin but it's nothing i cant handle! Compared to what I had to go through the first few days, it was nothing xD !! Today was an overall good/stressful day though ^^ It's amazing how that special someone can make your day =)


So farr

Dry Lips uhm.... very dry skinnn and last week i had major headaches xD But that's about it!! Also, my face is a bit red, and when i blush, i look like a cherry =P hahahaha xDD !!

I'll post my logs for today later ^^ !!

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Good Luck man. Your side effects don't sound that bad compared to the one's I heard of. I hope my face don't turn red though because my friends tend to make fun of my "Asian Glow" after I drink a lot. It'll suck if I have it for a few weeks.

Keep up the good work.

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things are looking good for you! :) i hope all mine are dried up by day 14 too, but at this rate its really hard to tell. just when i get some dried up, many more spring up. most of the time i'm fine with it and i tell myself it'll be okay, but sometimes i just feel like crap.

btw, what dosage are you on right now??

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Day 18

Pretty much everthing was clear except for a few on my chin. But nothing i couldn't take ^^

Day 19

Same as dayy 18 ^^

Day 20

Samee xDD except the whiteheads are gone on my choin, but got some below my lip xD Nothing i cant take though =)

Day 21:

Pretty much sameee as Day 20 ^^

Side effects!

Dry skin and Dry lips!!

Oh a tip by the way =)

For dry skin - Use Aquaphor. That one HELPED me a LOT i cannot stress that enough. It has a very oily look so whne i wake up i put it on, then eat breakfast, and then wash itt of when i shower xD its pretty good o.o

At Night: I use emu oil all over ^^ It seems to be doing okay =)

For dry chapped lips, I pretty much rub on some chapstick every school block ( so about an hour and a half ) And that seems to be helping ^^ my dry complexion is really gone o.o;'

Another sidee effectt!!

My face is red! xD !! But i guess its something we all have to go through. I can get through it though ^^ !! But has anyone found a way around the redness by any chance?

Thanks! :D

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hey! just wondering where you get aquaphor? can you get it in canada?? and is it greasy like vaseline? (would it clog my pores?) so many questions forgive me :cool:

anyways yay for emu oil i love it too. :D oh and i use elidel to kinda control my redness.....but its visibly still there..just not as beet red. but i am using it cause i have eczema...and apparently im not suppose to use it for continously for a long time but i have already used it for 4 years :redface: so if you have eczema maybe you can ask about it? i don't know, but my doctor hates me for using it LOL she said i can use it if i "choose to look pretty over life". haha doesn't make sense unless you're chinese. btw, are you from a chinese heritage or..?

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