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is there ANYTHING left to try??

does anyone know if there are any acne meds left for me to try to clear my skin..... i have tried the following

Minocycline (worked for 8 months like a charm then stopped working)

Erthromycin (didn`t work)

Tetracycline (didn`t work)

Bactroban (didn`t work)

Accutane (twice) (made my skin worse, v oily and made me scar)

Benzoyl Peroxide (didn`t work, made skin extremely dry & skin red)

Zineryt topical solution (didn`t work)

Retin A (didn`t work)

i need some form of pill to help me, i`m done with topicals as they make my skin sting.


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try b5! go to the Over the Counter forum and read up on b5... I am trying it right now and hopefully will see results soon. I am also planning on starting a journal in the personal log forum, so if you wanna watch my results feel free to read them or comment.

different things work for different people, so keep trying. give every new treatment at least 2-3 months to start working (longer for Accutane I think) GOOD LUCK I wish you the best!

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Well, Accutane is the strongest acne med you will find. I think it is the only thing you will find in pill form besides antibiotics. The only things that have helped me were a series of 70% Glycolic Acid peels later followed by Retin-a. Currently, I am on Tazorac cream and that seems to be working even better than the Retin-a. You can try something like the Clearlight too. That may help. Everyone is different and different things work for different people. Good Luck. I hope you find something that works for you.

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