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A microdermabrasion machine costs 5000 usd - 10,000 usd

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No because:

1. Good quality machines are probably the most expensive.

2. You would need to be trained how to do it.

3. Doing it to yourself may not be easy.

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Only if its the best and newest on the market and even then if i was administering it to myself i would only do it on the body and not face. Unless you are well trained and know all the medical safety facts, it would probably be a very bad idea.

Plus you would also have to have it regularly maintained and serviced/checked for any defects.

I wish I had a machine and the required knowledge.

I would contently microderm my whole body biggrin.gif/ biggrin.gif/ biggrin.gif/ biggrin.gif/ biggrin.gif/

Why does it cost soo much. The tecknology isn't complicated and its not like its a medical grade laser. Its just a pretty siimple machine that sucks and blows at once so it seems to me that the companiesmaking it are charging too much or maybee they have to charge soo much for Medical liability reasons.

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Oh yeah, another reason.... A lot of Aestheticians wear dust masks while doing this. If you wore a dust mask, it would most likely interfere with you doing this to your own face.

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Guest niko

If you can afford to spend 10,000 why not put that money away for collagan injections every 8 weeks?

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Hmmm, I was contemplating getting one myself as well. But after seing everyone is against it, I guess I'll just have to cough the money for it to be done by aestheticians. Or, probably hope that my home micro-d treatment cream will work.

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with $10K, you can do 100 microdermabrasions at the salon or doctor's office. that may be more than you'll ever need in a lifetime... i hope

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Guest ObiWontonKenoli

or do 12 smoothbeam/microderm combo and keep the rest of the money.

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