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e turtle

Cleaning up my diet...

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Brief history: 25 years old, mild acne only the past 3 years or so. occasional cysts, maybe a few times a year. things weren't too bad, but i tried pro-activ, neutrogena salicylic acid peel, microdermabrasion, 10% BP, orthocyclen, and things got worse and worse...

November 2007, got the Obagi nu-derm kit. The hydroquinone did lighten up some old scars, but all the products resulted in a ton of milia and blackheads, which I didn't have before. The blackheads would eventually turn into an obnoxious bump, and of course I'd pick at it, and by December 2007, my face was a war zone.

December 2007 - Continued using Obagi nu-derm system in hopes that things would improve after the initial outbreak. For 1 week, I ate nothing but fruit. NO new clogged pores during this time. I was doing something right!! But, the holidays came around, and I had to give in to temptation, and I ate lots of junk and my skin went back to breaking out all over the place - clogged pores that would eventually get infected.

January 2008 - fed up with breakouts, got on Bactrim. STOPPED using obagi. Still got clogged pores, but they never became inflamed. However, i would sometimes try to pick at my whiteheads and blackheads and poke a hole in my face.

January 2008 - after 2 weeks on bactrim, started having problems with yeast infections. stopped bactrim, took diflucan for yeast. breakouts came back with a vengeance.

February 2008 - back on bactrim. back on obagi. tried to clean out clogged pores with biore pore strips and oil of olay deep cleansing clay mask - not too much luck.

NOW i think my clogged pores are a result of the food that I eat. I KNOW that if I only eat fruit, my pores won't clog, but that's really hard for me to do. I'm going to try to stick with only clean foods for as long as I can, though. If i can get a good diet figured out, i want to be able to stop taking bactrim, as I don't like the idea of being on bactrim for so long.

So, here's my regimen:


Obagi gentle cleanser

Obagi clear

Obagi exfoderm forte

oil of olay complete moisturizer with spf 15


Obagi gentle cleanser

Obagi clear

Obagi blender + tretinoin 0.5%

Also taking:



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i still don't really like how harsh and irritating the obagi products are, but i must admit, they do make scars fade. and after the nastiness my face has gone through the past few months, i have ugly brown acne scars all over my face. so i'm going to keep using obagi until my scars have faded.

i might also incorporate occasional salicylic acid peels (i have the neutrogena advanced solutions face peel) and oil of olay deep cleansing clay mask, since i happen to have them on hand. whew!! that is a LOT of products!! i hope something works :((((

so, here we go. clean foods for me.

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It's been 9 days! The changes make it feel like it has been longer.

I have gone for one week with no gluten (except for minor slip-ups). I wanted to cut out all refined sugars, but I probably ended up taking in more sugar because I am so limited on what carbs I can have.

oh yeah - i'm also vegetarian. i hate dairy and eggs so i might as well be vegan.

The result: I had two blemishes early on, but they were from bumps that had been festering under my skin for awhile, and they finally surfaced. Glad to get it over with. NO new bumps! Hooray!!

The regimen:

AM: gentle cleanser, 4% hydroquinone, oil of olay spf 15 moisturizer, Bactrim 800mg

PM: salicylic acid cleanser, 4% hydroquinone, tretinoin (will skip if skin is too dry)

every 2 or 3 days: Neutrogena Acne mark fading peel (salicylic acid), Exfoderm beta-hydroxy acid

once a week: oil of olay deep cleansing clay mask

At first I tried using the neutrogena SA peel daily, but my skin got really dry so I switched to every other day.

I will continue this regimen with no more gluten. I will try to cut back on the sugar intake, not because i think it affects my skin at all, but because it's just not very healthy ;)

If I can keep up good results until the end of March, I'm going to stop taking Bactrim.

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Went almost a whole week gluten-free (no oats either). Probably eating more sugar than is good for me, but i don't think that bothers my skin.

no new breakouts. squeezed a blackhead out of my forehead - not sure how long that had been in there, but it's gone now, HA.

really screwed up yesterday by eating pizza and bagels, so i'm waiting to see the effects this week...

scaling back on the products i use:

AM: SPF15 oil of olay, gentle cleanser

PM: SA cleanser, hydroquinone 4%

every other night: tretinoin .05%

once or twice a week: oil of olay clay mask, salicylic acid peel, exfoderm betahydroxy acid

still on bactrim...

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hmm that bump i mentioned went away by itself i guess. i completely forgot about it.

had a few blackheads last week from eating bad foods, but i think the olay clay mask cleaned them out.

still on the same regimen.

painful red bump on my chin (probably because i forgot to take bactrim on saturday). i wonder if it will develop into something bad, or just go away. i'm annoyed that i am apparently still dependent on bactrim.

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that bump did turn into a cyst but i popped it and it went away.

last week i was so sick i stayed in bed the whole time. ate very little, so i guess my diet was clean, ha.

no breakouts or bumps or anything. didn't take any bactrim (too busy taking aspirin). gonna stay off bactrim since it's been a week.

didn't really wash my face much or do any of my regimen last week, but i guess being in bed all day with a fever is good for my skin.

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Last week I went back on bactrim because i was paranoid. i am currently out of town for the week and forgot to bring my salicylic acid and my oil of olay mask. oh well, i guess i'll give my skin a rest.

two days ago, a big ol' cyst sprouted on my chin!! it's really red and inflamed right now because i can't stop poking at it. I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! i've been absolutely gluten-free. i've been eating dairy - could THAT be it??? i am UNBELIEVABLY frustrated. i didn't think i would get anymore cysts after taking bactrim!!

Maybe i'll start cutting out dairy as well. Maybe i'll just eat grass and dirt. i hate my skin SO much.

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how has your fruit consumption been? Try eating more fruits! I've been drinking fruit smoothies for two weeks (3 different fresh fruits cut up + soymilk like rice dream or vitasoy + ice) and it's helped my acne more than all those acne medications! My skin is looking the best it has for years!!

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I actually eat a lot of fruit, but I've found that what i *don't* eat matters more than what i *do* eat :)

No new breakouts in the past week... the cyst i got 2 weeks ago is still recovering.

same regimen, but i do want to wean myself off the bactrim. i think i'll go down to taking it every other day this week.

i LOVE oil of olay cleansing mask!! i had a few blackheads yesterday and it cleaned them all out :)

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oh yeah - still gluten free!

have almost completely cut out dairy, but it's hard to avoid.

gonna start alternating between BP and tretinoin.

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weekly update: OFF the bactrim, OFF the tretinoin, ON the BP!!

NO gluten, NO dairy.

gentle cleanser + BP + SPF 15 moisturizer + hydroquinone

SA, BHA, and olay mask as needed (about 2x week)

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You know, I'm on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo....I thought the BCP was supposed to help clear your face up?? I guess that is if you have a hormonal imbalance?

Good luck with your regimine! Obagi is waaay too pricey for me. I'm trying the MaMa lotion as soon as it gets to me.

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