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bleeding from my fingernails

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The area between my fingernails and the tissue connecting to the muscle is very sensitive, it's like pulling the fingernail back or something.

i've never had this. Today at work i noticed i was bleeding from there. It hurts.

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It sounds like extremely dry skin. Use vaseline petrolatum jelly at night and cotton gloves. During the day, continuously moisturize. When washing your hands, try to avoid hot water as much as possible as hot water is more drying and irritating than warm.

When in the shower, you could even try applying baby oil to your hands and body and letting the excess be rinsed off in the shower. You'll feel terrific when you get out! So soft and soothed. :)

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im on my 3rd week of accutane and my skin isnt really dry yet but, i have the same thing! it hurts! ive been putting polyspoin under my nails! just kinda rubbing it under there into the crack. i think it is helping a bit! this is wierd? enyone else had this happen?!

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Yeah, I have this.

I have to keep my nails clipped every couple of days. Unfortunately, both of my index fingers and middle fingers bleed slightly between the nail and the skin. Its just enough to form a little red crust between the two. Very painful, especially since I play at least a couple hours of flamenco on my guitar each day. (have to play on the nylon strings since steel hurts too much).

It wasn't doing this before the Accutane. I think it's because the skin is weaker, and easier to break.

Anyway, I'm confident it will go away in a week when I'm done.

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