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I read this a month back and thought it was really helpful. I stumbled over this while trying to find cures for insomnia and while looking into it all I found it and thought here would be a better place for some people to read it.

Great article.

Depression seems to have a lot to do with circadian rhythms disfunction and this is why manipulation of sleeping cycles reverse depression (the problem is that they are not easy to maintain long term) I posted how wake therapy and light therapy are the best fast ways to reverse depression and indeed they would address the very system this article is talking about. Depressive people have a morbose relationship with memories, can't let go of regret and ruminate a lot about the past which again suggests some issue with the dreaming phase where memories are relived and dealt with.

Let's not forget though that a good percetage of depression depends on nutrition.

Hypoglycemia and sugar metabolism issues are known to cause depression, mania, phobias, panic attacks, compulsive disorders, self-loathing (the cause is disrup blood sugar levels and massive unhealthy amount of adrenalin being released as a "solution")

Cabohydrates are anti-depressive because they allow triptophan to be turned into serotonin. Many people experience depression from cutting out carbohydrates too much

Then there's sugar sensitivity where the body becomes accostumed to the endorphines raising effects of sugar and by consequence to the "bonk" when the sugar is absorbed and BGs are lowering. It's like a drug and there are studies that show alcoholism steams from this.

In my opinion depression is physiological and not psychological.

In depression there's a cognitive change towards pessimism and hopelessness that doesn't depend on life circumstances. Depression is very different from any kind of being sad or having regrets or suffering for whatever reason. Even people who are living the best life they could and are surrounded by the best circustances, loving people and success find themselves depressed with no reason and the cognitive change is stronger than any "knowledge" that they shouldn't feel like this. The best example is post-partum depression which prevents a mother from enjoying the best moment of her life. When the depression goes away the mother is just buffled as to how she could have felt like that, she could have been so down and pessimist. It's like having black glasses on with prevents a more balanced outlook of reality, past, present and ourselves.

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