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Can anyone find information related to whether or not it's safe to take during pregnancy? I'm really trying to find something on it, and I can't seem to find any specific mention of the relationship between DIM and pregnancy. But someone said not to take it during pregnancy, and I'm wondering where they found that. The reason I ask is because I'd like to get some DIM, but it's possible I'm pregnant, and obviously don't want to take a "wait a see" approach, lol.

For those of you wondering "If the taurine is so great, why are you hopping on this bandwagon?" lol: I'm mostly interested in it's anti-cancer benefits because I've had chronic abdominal pain for several ears now, and chronic inflammation is associated with cancer, and I'm just a smidge paranoid. And also, I seem to be more sensitive to my diet than most people on this board, and I need something to make my day to day life a little easier/less strict. I mean, I know my diet is healthy, and that's good, but I need a break every once in a while! lol The "birthday cake incident" showed me just how little room I have in that regard, I paid for that for the next 3 weeks :( . Fortunately I have recovered, and am now as clear as ever since the fresh painful memory of that period was enough to keep me in line with my diet, lol. But I like the DIM because it's from vegetables, and seems to be the active component in them that has given cruciferous veggies their healthful reputation, so it sounds good to me :)

So anyway, back to the point, if someone could help me find a solid reference to DIM during pregnancy, it would really help me out :)

I've read that there hasn't been any studies on DIM and Pregnancy thus why their saying not too take it while pregnant.

Hmmm I dont know if its a good thing I posted about this ;). I tried to buy DIM online and they said its on backorder... I wonder if everyone is buying all the DIM. LOL

We should probably buy stock in DIM now that its such a hot item. Ha!

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the reviews for DIM have been all been great!..I also wanted to know if by any chance if it helped in reducing or fading of spots left behind by acne?..

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Here are some experiences with DIM


effective: about 5 women

not effective

or worse/not healthy: also about 5 women


Experience from a bodybuilding-forum (the person (male) had no acne but wanted lower e2 Estradiol)

David Z’s Primer on TRT, HCG and E2 Management May 18, 2005


Information: He uses this product

One Tablet = Indolplex® Complex 120mg

modified food starch, 25% diindolylmethane (DIM),

d-alpha tocopheryl succinate, silicon dioxide and phosphatidylcholine

For comparison:

One Capsule DIM-Plus (NaturesPlus) = 50mg Complex (25% diindolylmethane)

Chapter 5 – E2 Management, DIM and Arimidex

Men convert a small amount of their testosterone (T) to estrogen (E) by the action of the aromatase enzyme. As men age, they experience both decreasing levels of T and increasing levels of E. When the T/E ratio begins to tip downwards, a number of negative health effects occur. This effect is sometimes called estrogen dominance.

Men who are on T replacement therapy (TRT) often experience elevated E as a side effect of boosting their T back to normal.

Whether you are on TRT or not, putting the T/E ratio back into proper balance generally restores a man's vigor including improved erectile function. The remainder of this chapter discusses two remedies that are used in estrogen management – Diindolylmethane (DIM) and Arimidex.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a naturally occurring substance found primarily in cruciferous vegetables (e.g., cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc.) that helps the liver digest/metabolize Estradiol into more benign/healthy estrogens. When taken orally, DIM is not very bioavailable because it gets digested in the stomach and, therefore, doesn’t make its way into the bloodstream. However, Indolplex is a proprietary formulation that increases DIM's oral bioavailability.

For more information about DIM see www.dimfaq.com. This website was written by Dr. Michael Zeligs of BioResponse who owns the patent on the proprietary DIM formulation.

I experienced a tremendous surge in erectile function during the first 2 or 3 months on a very low dosage of Indoplex (25 to 50 mg/day). The effect of Indoplex began after about 1 or 2 days and remains at about 80% of the initial surge effect level after about 3 years. Other men have reported similar results.

The recommended dosage for Indolplex is about 240 mg/day. This dosage is way too much for me, but I'm highly responsive to it. However, setting your DIM dosage is very tricky because the window of optimum E2 level is very narrow. See Chapter 7 for a discussion about setting your DIM dosage.

Many brands of DIM are available in vitamin stores and on the Internet. Some of these brands are manufactured under Zeligs patent and some aren’t. Unfortunately, supplements aren't well regulated like pharmaceuticals. As a result the quality of supplements varies greatly by brand.

I’ve had excellent results using Indolplex with DIM by PhytoPharmica. (See www.ritecare.com/prodsheets/PHY-15336.html. ) About 20 blood test results as well as my clinical response (see Chapter 7) have confirmed that DIM works for me.

Arimidex is a prescription drug that is very effective in lowering blood levels of E by inhibiting the action of the aromatase enzyme. While some men report some clinical benefits from Arimidex, the results do not match what one would expect from the reduction in E2 that this treatment yields. The reason for this discrepancy is unknown.

DIM is a relatively benign supplement (no prescription required) with no side effects (unless you take too much). In contrast, Arimidex is a prescription drug with a long list of potential side effects.

I suspect that elevated E2 in men may result more from insufficient metabolization of E2 rather than excess aromatization. For a number of reasons/causes the P450 system in the liver declines in function as men age. Therefore, while we probably make more E2 as we get older, we also don't metabolize it as well as we did when we were younger.

In addition to being a food supplement rather than a drug, DIM supports a deficient system in our bodies to do what it was designed to do rather than blocking a functioning system from doing what it was meant to do.

Chapter 6 – Amazing How Balancing T and E Improved My Health

In June 1999 at the age of 44, I was diagnosed with hypogonadism (low testosterone), microhematuria (microscopic blood in the urine), and prostatitis (frequent urination and an enlarged and painful prostate). Also, I had 2 positive cytology reports (indicating that I might have bladder cancer).

In February 2000, I started HCG shots. I had a kidney IVP to try to find the source of the microhematuria, but they found nothing.

I also discovered in early 2000 that I had Ulcerative Colitis (UC), which is an inflammation of the colon. I probably had this condition for years. When it flares up (about every month or 2), Cipro works very quickly (due to its anti-inflammatory properties rather than as an antibiotic, I suppose) to calm it down.

In May 2001, I started taking DIM which lowered my Estradiol (E2) from about 70 (<45) to about 40, putting my T and E2 in proper balance for the first time in years.

In August 2001, I visited my urologist. He told me that the microhematuria is gone and that my prostate is normal. Also, I've had consecutive 4 negative cytology reports in 2001. I saw my urologist last in 2003 and he said it’s no longer an issue.

I get a UC flare up about once a year now. It happens when my T and E2 get out of balance.

I should also mention that:

(1) I have more energy, particularly in the evenings.

(2) I have much stronger erections. I generally don't use V, but sometimes I'll take a half of a 25 mg, for a little extra boost.

(3) My workouts are more intense and less strenuous.

(4) My skin color went form pale to dark. It's embarrassing when people ask me if I've been somewhere warm on vacation lately. I just say no, rather going into detail about how I rebalanced my hormones.

(5) I sleep better. Shorter duration, but more restful.

(6) I don't get sick as often.

(7) My insulin sensitivity has improved dramatically (I'm T2 diabetic w/o meds and my HbA1c went from 7.1% to 6.0%).

(8) I can only imagine the various positive effects that rebalancing my hormones has had on my cardiovascular/lipid profile, bone health, immune system, etc.

I don't want to leave the impression that rebalancing my hormones was easy. No way. And the fact that the vast majority of doctors, including endocrinologists and urologists, are vastly undereducated about the benefits and methods of TRT makes the job extra difficult. It took me two years and a lot of study and experimentation to achieve the above.

Chapter 7 – Adjusting DIM Dosage

I am amazed at the power that DIM has on me and with the effect that extremely small adjustments to my daily dosage have on my health.

When I first tried DIM in early 2000 (using the manufacturer's recommended dosage of two 120 mg tablets per day), I felt pretty good for a few days or so and then I crashed big time. So, I stopped taking it and returned to normal (or at least to my previous status). I was very confused and didn't know what to conclude other than this stuff was not for me. It wasn't until a year and a half later that I suspected that the reason for the negative response was that I was overdosing and, thereby, reducing my E2 too low. So, I started taking half a tablet a day. I felt great for about 2 weeks including more energy and much stronger erections. But after a while I felt down again. So, I dropped my dosage to a quarter of a tablet. That worked very well. I've been fine-tuning the dosage ever since.

A lot of posters say that they tried DIM and it improved their erections, but after a week they were as bad or worse off than before they started. What happened was that they dropped their E2 down to the optimum level and then went beyond it. The window of optimum E2 level is very small. Too little E2 is not a good thing. E2 is needed for libido as well as heart, muscle and bone health. That's why I suggest starting low (e.g., one tablet per day at dinner) and then see how it goes. If your erections get strong for a few days and then go away, that means that the dosage is too high for you. Stop for 2 or 3 days and start up again at half a tablet per day. If the same thing happens again, go to one quarter of a tablet per day. Once you’re in the right range and you want to adjust from there, make the adjustment small and keep it at that level for a week, or better yet, 2 weeks. Observe your body's response and adjust accordingly.

Getting the dosage right is extremely tricky and extremely critical. The thing that makes adjusting the DIM dosage so difficult is that the clinical response you get (i.e., how you “feelâ€) when you take too much (i.e., drop your E2 too low) feels a lot like the response you get when you take too little (i.e., when your E2 is too high). As a result, when you feel down, you don't know whether to increase or decrease the dosage. That's why I learned to listen very carefully to my body and rely on certain indicators. These indicators include erectile response, nipple sensitivity, the quality and restfulness of my sleep, my tendency to maintain or gain weight, and the presence or absence of a burning sensation in my lips and tongue. Eventually, using these indicators, I developed the ability to regulate my daily DIM complex intake.

To fine-tune my dosage, I use a jeweler's scale (cost about $200) that measures to an accuracy of 2 mg (0.002 g) to parcel out my dosage. (See the Tanita 1210-50 at http://balanc.temp.veriohosting.com/paypal/diamond.html ) Since one 120 mg DIM tablet weighs a little over a gram, that translates to an accuracy of about 0.1 mg of DIM complex in adjusting my dosage.

Before starting DIM, my T to E2 ratio was about 10 to 1 (T average of about 700 and E2 average of about 70). Now my T to E2 ratio is about 20 to 1 (T average of about 800 and E2 average of about 40).

Please note that I'm not suggesting that your E2 level indicators will be the same ones as mine. I'm only suggesting that by listening to your body, and finding YOUR indicators, you might be able to find your "right" dosage as well.

It is very likely that I am more in tune with my body's signals than most men. As a result, this approach would not be for everyone. I follow a very disciplined and intense program of diet and exercise. I know very quickly when my energy is waning.

I wish I could tell you that it was easier than this. Until we have better ways of measuring E2, this is the best I can offer. Of course, whatever you do, it's best to verify your clinical observations with before and after blood tests.

For a discussion on how DIM improved my health in many ways, see Chapter 6 – Amazing How Rebalancing T and E Improved My Health."


My personal advice

Too much of E2 is bad but too little of E2 is also bad for health!!!

It is very important to adjust/trim E2/DIM accurately and individually!!!(long-time)

More DIM(mg) dose is not automatically better for health…

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@ valo_123, phil3993, Lilo, pixxekurlz222, broccolicat, ryudoadema, Murmur, erynn29 and WildFlower (and others who already started using DIM), please keep us updated! What's your skin like now? Is it still 100% clear, or do sometimes (small) new pimples appear?

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pm2, the dose-adjusting info is great info. I think everyone using DIM should seriously read it!!

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has anyone had success with the DIM from youngagain or any 100% DIM without the other additives

I see everyone having success with the Nature's Way and Im starting to wonder if I should have gotten that one instead

still waiting for my younagain DIM to come in though, probably not til Monday

DIM is DIM. Shouldn't matter where you get it. I am still waiting for mine to arrive. It should be here any day.

I don't think DIM is just DIM... I've read several places that it's absorbed more readily when there are added supplements like choline and vitamin E. Check the product label.

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@ valo_123, phil3993, Lilo, pixxekurlz222, broccolicat, ryudoadema, Murmur, erynn29 and WildFlower (and others who already started using DIM), please keep us updated! What's your skin like now? Is it still 100% clear, or do sometimes (small) new pimples appear?

I will definitely keep you posted.

Brief history:

Mild-Moderate acne from 13-18 yrs. Treated with every oral and topical medication you could possibly imagine (daily fight). (I would say it wasn't traumatizing acne though)

Went to college and my face, back, and chest erupted in severe cystic acne. (DEPRESSING)

Went on Accutane twice.

The last time I went on Accutane was around 2005 for a 6 month course.

The results didn't last long. Also I haven't had a totally clear day since I was 12. I've always had atleast a little bit of inflammation here and there if not full blown cystic acne.

Well, back in October or so of 2007 cystic acne took hold again. I had a flare up on my back then that subsided after a couple of months. Then I had a flare up on my neck and that subsided. Just recently I had a cystic flare up on my face!! AHHHH!!!

Last week I cut out all sugar and noticed an immediate improvement and started adding LiliVG's taurine. It seemed to help even though it had only been a week. I immediately noticed all things cystic receded... which was very odd because usually those things last for WEEKS if not MONTHS!!

My skin right now is recovering from the last breakout and is covered in red and some little pinhead scars but I'm not getting a lot of new development so that's good. My chin is a mess of small little annoying ones that pop up and won't go away... I also have the tiny little blackheads on my nose and around my nose area.... hard to see unless you're looking for them but I HATE THEM!

I have now taken two pills of DIM. I don't want to get too overly optimistic but I have to say I'm more optimistic about this than anything I've taken.

Disclaimer: If anything below in my explanations is factually/scientifically/medically incorrect please forgive... I have absorbed so much information on all of these things in the past three months that it's all starting to run together. :doh:

Anyway... this is what I'll be doing.

2-1G Fish Oil pills, 3x/day, b/l/d because I like the effects on my mood.

1-50mg Zinc (half at breakfast half at lunch) b/c all of these things are related (insulin resistance, estrogen dominance, excess androgens and liver function) Excess copper is a symptom of many of these and zinc balances that and improves healing.

1-probiotic pill first thing in the morning

1-500mg taurine, 3x/day, b/l/d (just keeping this in b/c I think it will also help my liver function better)

I am playing with the DIM... I think i will take a total off 200mg/day (I have 100mg pills); however, I will break them in half and take them throughout the day so its easier to monitor and adjust the dose if need be!

Restricted sugar/carb diet. Lots of broccoli, apples, berries, eggs, chicken, spinach, olive oil... whole foods

Also I do throw some oregano and garlic supplements in here and there only because I do think I wrecked my system from too many antibiotics and I have started showing all sorts of symptoms of the candida... UGG... can this get anymore complicated?

The DIM I'm taking... check out the ingredients.

My plan is to slowly phase things back into my diet and slowly lessen the doses of what I'm taking... sounds good right? ahahahah

YAY... will keep you updated.

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I just hopped on the bandwagon here too. My nam'es Sarah and I'm always on the boards looking for new and interesting things to try. 21/ f with mild to moderate cystic and low face acne. I do crazy well on a modified Paleo diet that excludes fruits. I'm on Taurine and have been for like 3 week and its been doing a damn fine job ( along with my niacinamide, selenium. and calcium, magnesium and zinc pills) , but I keep cheating so I went out after reading this entire thread and bought some DIM at my local healthfood store. Nearly danced in the store when I found it!:) I'm using the same one as broccolicat! Its by Source Naturals and I took two yesterday. Lets see how I look at th end of 7 days. I will completely keep everyone updated on my progress. if this works, I will love you guys for the rest of my life:)

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@ valo_123, phil3993, Lilo, pixxekurlz222, broccolicat, ryudoadema, Murmur, erynn29 and WildFlower (and others who already started using DIM), please keep us updated! What's your skin like now? Is it still 100% clear, or do sometimes (small) new pimples appear?

Just woke up and my skin is looking great still. I've been eating chocolate so I'm contributing the little painfull one on my temple to that. I got it last night and it's already showing signs of drying up. I really couldn't care less if I get one or two or even three pimples, what dim's done for me is a miracle. right now I have 1 active one and a few red marks fading. I'm thinking of scheduling a fraxel appt. for some shallow scarring now that I know it won't break me out :)

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can someone answer my questions? :(

I think you want to know which one is the best, right?

I'm currently taking BioResponse, which has 300 mg per 2 capsules

Nature's Way has 100 mg per 2 capsules


Activamune has 375 mg per 2 capusules

Nature's Way is most accessable as you can get it at the Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods, while the others you have to buy online. You'll have to check on prices, but I think you'll see results with any of them.

Did you get the book? I'm curious what the recommended dosage is, and it seems you need to get the book to find out. I bought the 75mg capsules and am trying to figure out whether to take 1 a day, 2 a day, 2 together, 1 in AM and 1 in PM, or what!

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i'm not believing the hype on this. The last time I believed in a thread almost identical to this was all about the flaxseeds with every meal theory. Two weeks later the author completely backflipped along with about 30 of her followers. The true cure is pgx fiber with everymeal but no-one is going to listen to that because basically it isn't the in thing to try right now.

Don't get me wrong though, i'm always up for experimentation so I will definitely give it a run to see if is more efficient.

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This thread is getting crazy lol. I need to order some DIM now lol. For all the UK'ers, where are you buying your DIM from? I've found some nature's way DIM for £22.45 incl VAT + Del. I'm going to be getting it from DiscountVitaminsAndHerbs.com.

Ouch, £22.45 incl VAT + Del!! Why so expensive here :(

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This thread is getting crazy lol. I need to order some DIM now lol. For all the UK'ers, where are you buying your DIM from? I've found some nature's way DIM for £22.45 incl VAT + Del. I'm going to be getting it from DiscountVitaminsAndHerbs.com.

Ouch, £22.45 incl VAT + Del!! Why so expensive here :(

Everythings more expensive, here in England :mad: Plus if the website has the stock imported, you have to pay more to cover their shipment/ tax cost.

That's just the way it is, always more expensive here, then anywhere else, pfffft.


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This is the best offer for DIM I've seen. I didn't look through all the pages here, but is this good? any better offer? Or better quality dim?

Note: That is not the best deal. There are only 25mg per pill. So you need to take 4 pills to get a 100mg dose... just thought I'd give everybody a heads up on reading the ingredients. A lot of the brands only have 25mg/pill...

However, it all depends on what you want to do... if you want to break the dose up throughout the day... this would be a good option!

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This thread is getting crazy lol. I need to order some DIM now lol. For all the UK'ers, where are you buying your DIM from? I've found some nature's way DIM for £22.45 incl VAT + Del. I'm going to be getting it from DiscountVitaminsAndHerbs.com.

Ouch, £22.45 incl VAT + Del!! Why so expensive here :(

Everythings more expensive, here in England :mad: Plus if the website has the stock imported, you have to pay more to cover their shipment/ tax cost.

That's just the way it is, always more expensive here, then anywhere else, pfffft.


Ive only been able to 2 websites who sell it here, and both have to import it. Cant think why nowhere actually sells it here without having to import it in.

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It seems everything in our days is imported in one way or another. DIM, is a USA based chemical, the person who discovered it was from the USA. But i can see more health shops getting hold of it and selling it, if this really is a 'cure' for many people with acne. Hopefully instead of the price going up, due to its new found effectiveness for acne, it will come down. I'd love to just go into Holland and Barratt and just pick it up without paying delivery, way cheaper and alot quicker, not having to wait for delivery.


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yeah man it sucks, same here in germany.

i don't dare to import cause i don't know if it's considered "medicine" and therefore import is restricted...

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Japan and the USA are the hubs for technology thesedays, the main culprit to the increase of price is the tax and delivery to the UK. When i was in America last, I bought my PSP with 4 Games and a case for only £110! And that was only 13 days after it came out.


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I just bought DIM :dance: They sell it at The Vitamin Shoppe...I'm so glad I didnt have to order it online and wait forever to get it. I bought the Nature's Way brand and it was $26. I'm so excited :D

I will keep everyone posted on how well it works.

I have two pimples forming right now. Lets see if this stops them.

Just an update on the two pimples that were forming. Last night they were both half way inflamed. This morning when I checked, I could see they definitely got smaller and less red. No puss or anything. Still not completely flat but almost.


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I'm from the UK and I bought 200mg ones of ebay yesterday, there sitting on my shelf right now :dance:


Is this the one you have got?

Thats the one :)

Wish i had looked there first :( Im not able to cancel my order from the other website, so am going to have to wait. They have a similar decription and same mg as the ones ive ordered, so if you could keep us up to date with your progress i would be grateful to find out if they help you.

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