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Awesome New Regimen, plus shaving advice for guys

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Hi guys,

My name's Sammy, and I'm a freshman at the University of Michigan. Like many of you, I've had pretty bad skin and it only got worse when getting to college. During the begining of my senior year, I had a horrible break out and after some antibiotics and topical treatment, it was under control, but by no means was I clear. To make a long story short, I was on this website searching the posts and found an old one by a member named botchla. It seemed he suffered from the same type of mild acne that I did, so I tried out his regimen. After about 3-4 days I noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. Parts that sort of broke out before were completely clear, and my break out area (upper cheeks) look substantially better. My sister the other day was talking to me and said "wow, your skin is really clear". THis is a huge thing coming from her because she literally has flawless skin. I've provided his regimen below because it was from a pretty old post, so don't know if anyone has seen it recently, but i found personally that using the two products in conjunction cleared my skin, but made it pretty dry.

Morning and Night

Wash with clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub

Wash with clean and clear continuous acne control cleanser

Dan's regimen has got one thing down for sure: you need to use benzoyl peroxide. This is the sure fire way to kill the acne bacteria. However in order for the benzoyl peroxide to start working, you need to get it into your pores, i.e, remove the dirt and dead skin cells taht are blocking your pores. While the black head clearing scrub initially worked, the Salicylic acid left my skin looking read and the skin tone noticably uneven. I recommend using St. IVes apricot scrub or some cheaper immitation because you really just need a basic, gentle scrub to unclog your pores, so the benzoyl peroxide can penetrate. No joke, I've been on this regimen now for the past two weeks and haven't broken out *crossing fingers*. Because my timing for the regimen has gotten a bit messed up with exams and all, sometimes i'll skip and might get a pimple, but that's a bout it. Trust me guys, if nothing has worked for you so far, just try this simple regimen. The key is to be very gentle when washing with both the scrub and the clean and clear continuous acne control cleanser. Wash with the cleanser right after the scrub, and don't scrub to hard. Use about the same amount you use for toothpaste for the cleanser, and spread with the palms of your heads (the more gentle you are the better teh results)

For the guys

Shaving can be a huge problem when you have acne, so I was searching the web for the ultimate aftershave moisturizer that doesn't aggravate acne, but also moisturizes skin very well. Now this might sound counter intuitive, but for shits I tried an alcohol based after shave that many of you might be familiar with: Aqua Velva. Now this isn't the original,but the one with b-vitamins and vitamin E. I tried this by itself and it worked REALLY well in evening out the skin tone, but as you can imagine, moisturizing wasn't great. So to cap of my entire skin care regimen, I found the best aftershave to be Brut aftershave balm, with vitamin E and shea butter. THis moisturizes INCREDIBLY well, and doesn't clog your pores.

Shaving regimen

Wash face using apricot scrub*washing very gently* for about 30 secs

Shave (any razor should be fine, I like the shick quatro because it doesn't give a hurtfully close shave: I use edge sensitive skin shavegel; cheap, doesn't aggravate acne)

wash face with clean and clear continuous acne control cleanser

pat face dry

Pat on a small palm full of Aqua Velva after shave (slap your face gently with the palms of your hands on your cheeks and neck.)

Wait about 5 min or so

Take about a third of an index finger length of Brut Aftershave balm with vitamin E and Shea Butter, and spread it all over shaved areas (neck and cheeks). Use more if desired.

And that's about it guys. The key to clear skin is unclogging your pores to allow for the BP to penetrate. This regimen is cheap, and very effective. For guys, shaving actually helps alot because it unclogs the pores, and washing with the BP cleanser right after really gets the BP in the pores to kill bacteria. THe Aqua velva evens out the skin tone ( if that's not an issue, just apply Brut) and the brut aftershave balm is perfect for moisturizing without your face looking shiny, or your pores getting clogged. Hope this helps someone out, take care and good luck guys. A special thanks goes out to Botchla for discovering this regimen: I'm just helping to spread the word incase people miss it.

-Sammy Grewal

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yeah I have read that regimen bfore in this forum, and I also remember bfore I started college I used to wash my face with clean and clear continuous acne control cleanser for a while (Since I wasn't able to get benzyol peroxide in cream) and I remember my skin improved a lot, even my family were saying that my skin was a lot clear.. but then once the bottle was empty I stopped using it and got some spectro gel

good for you man, I hope everything goes well with your skin!

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I use to use both of those products before my acne went mild. I loved the black head cleanser, it actually seemed to work because my pores would enlarge afterwards and my blackheads would disappear. The continuous clean gave a nice feeling after I used it.

When my acne went mild I stopped using those products :(.

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yeah the continuous control cleanser feels nice, and also like it's working as well. When I first washed my face with it after shaving, it felt really cold and uncomfortable but the trick is to suck it up the first few times until your skin gets accustomed to it. If you have really sensitive skin, I would just use the brut aftershave balm for about a week or so until your skin gets used to the bp cleanser. Then if skin tone is a bit of an issue, try the aqua velva. Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciate it, and good luck!


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Shaving advice: The best I can give is use a good cream (truefitt and hill west indian limes is my fave) a badger hair brush (30 dollars) and a good double edge razor. Blades are 12cents!

http://badgerandblade.com/vb/index.php for more info... you will thank me :) should you try it. I was skeptical, now I won't go back.

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