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A few questions! please read :)

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ok i have 2 questions:

1) My skin is now getting extremely dry (day 15), well not really my whole face, mostly around my mouth.

Anyways...I still have some larger bumps and acne near the sides of my mouth (no where else)...but those areas get super dry also.

THe thing is...I hate to moisturize them because it seems like they get worse and more noticable when I do it.

What, if any, is your advice on this? I feel like I should just deal with the flaky skin and let them dry up and hopefully go away !!

WHat do you guys think??

2) I am a guy, and I think its pretty weird/silly lol that I use a concealer sometimes...but I do.

I currently use proactive's concealer (SULFUR 6%). Works well, but I was worried about the sulfur...any comments on that?

If you think its not a good idea...can you tell me what yo use or suggest? Price isnt really a big deal to me...if it works and you love it, il buy it for 50$ I dont care.

iTom sugggested Clean & Clear Advantage Concealing Treatment Stick to me...any feedback on tha would be sweep :)

THANK YOU! :cool:

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Hey im on 'tane...day 36 i think? Anyways, i got those too around my mouth . it was really dry in the area, but i still had large bumps there. Anyways, all i can say is moisturize, but be GENTLE! Mine went away with some cortisone shots from my derm...i had a terrible IB though...compared to my normal mild acne. CYSTS on the sides of my face and pimples everywhere! and i NEVER get cysts! but anyways im on day 36 like i said, and my skin is getting SO clear! I havent had a breakout in 5 or 6 days! and im LOVING it!!!

So just moisturize, and be very gentle while washing too. Oh and about the concealer quesition. Yeah im a guy and i use it. Its not gay or weird. But at the rate im going, im not gonna need it anymore! haha.

Well heres to clear skin! Goodluck! :)

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what kind of concealer do you use?? that was kind of the reason I asked lol.

yeah...luckily (at least thus far) the ones around my mouth arent cystic...but they are for sure noticable and present.

I just feel like moisturizing them make it worse :( im kind of just waiting for them to dry themselves out.

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Concealer wise I use Lancome Long Lasting Softening Concealer. I would suggest going for a cream consistency concealer over a stick one. Stick ones tend to be dry anyway and when you are on Accutane with dry skin you dont want a dry concealer on top making it look even worse! Plus with cream consistency ones you can blend them easier and put them directly on the areas you want to cover easier.

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