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Looks like they are testing out a new, more soluble formulation of BPO.

Evaluation of a Novel Solubilized

BPO Gel: A Pooled Analysis

From Three Randomized

Investigator-Blind Trials

Presented by James Q Del Rosso, DO


The author found many commercially available benzoyl

peroxide treatments have had inconsistent effectiveness

because benzoyl peroxide has been identified as a poorly

soluble ingredient. This solubility problem caused a

variance in particle size and decreased follicular

penetration of the ingredient. As a result, this study was

conducted comparing treatment with a new solubilized

formulation of benzoyl peroxide. This new solubilized

formulation was used to help optimize the bioavailability

of benzoyl peroxide and promote the penetration of

benzoyl peroxide into the follicles.


This study examined 112 patients between the ages of 11-

45 years old. All of the patients had mild to moderate

acne as determined by lesion count and were predominately

Fitzpatrick skin type III. Participants were treated

with either the solubized 5% benzoyl peroxide gel, a

combination of solubized 5% benzoyl peroxide gel with

2% salicylic acid toner and cleanser, or a prescription benzoyl

peroxide/clindamycin combination gel. Patients

applied each treatment 1-2 times per day for 2-4 weeks.

The patients were then evaluated in weekly intervals.


The study showed the solubized 5% benzoyl peroxide

treatment was more effective than the benzoyl peroxide/

clindamycin product. The solubized 5% benzoyl

peroxide gel used either alone or as part of a three part

treatment with salicylic acid reduced non-inflammatory

lesion count better than the benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin

and was equally effective in reducing the

inflammatory lesion count. This new formulation of benzoyl

peroxide proved to achieve rapid improvements in

lesion counts. Furthermore, this product offered favorable

tolerability and patient satisfaction.


This study showed the formulation of solubized 5% benzoyl

peroxide was a necessary step in skin care. The

study author concluded that this advance could create

many improved products that work more efficiently to

improve skin and the treatment of acne.

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