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I'm finally CLEAR, thanks to ProActive. I've been on almost everything, from Differen to Benzaclin and dozens of over the counter products inbetween. None of them worked. ProActive does work. I've suffered from moderate acne nearly EVERYWHERE on my face, with blemishes on my cheeks and many blackheads on my nose. YUCK. Finally, I was on the end of my rope and decided to get ProActive. Yes, all those stupid commercials got to me. Here was my progress:

DAYS 1-3: After the first couple of days of using it, I noticed my complexion evening out. The toner goes on easy and gives you the feeling of good skin. The refining mask that I used overnight also had good results. Several of the pustules I had before I went to bed were gone, and just dried up. Its moisturizer fixed up the dryness, but there was very little. (and I have SENSITIVE skin!)

1 WEEK IN: My face started breaking out! Scary, yes. Normal, YES. The system aims to bring out the pimples that are going to surface then prevent future pimples from coming. I was a bit skeptical, asking "what if this isn't normal? what if my face is responding badly to it?". I continued to use it for the next week.

2 WEEKS IN: Clear! The surfaced breakouts gradually disappeared throughout the week, and my complexion was amazing. Blemishes, faded. Blackheads, gone. Acne, cleared up. All that there is are a few redmarks, but that will eventually fade off. It's amazing, my face has never been this clear. I'll continue using the system because I'm scared it might come back.

That's it. That's my story. I would reccommend this product to EVERYONE with acne. It really worked for me! I got the entire kit for $120, and it was worth every penny. I'm actually getting another kit as a backup in case I run out of it! :dance:

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I LOVE proactiv!! Seriously it is so amazing! I'm really glad it worked so well for you. I actually haven't used it in a while because I live overseas and It's kind of a pain to order things from America so I just get Acnefree from Walmart. I really don't have acne that bad and it works just fine.

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It helped my skin a lot at first, but then I started breaking out more horribly than I ever had in my life. It took about a month before this started to happen. I found it very harsh on my skin and would never use it again. After I stopped using it, my skin cleared up.

I think it is a rip off for a lot of people and haven't heard of any success stories personally. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. She liked it at first and then it broke her out.

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I've been using proactiv for a little over two months now. It cleared me up, and this is after 8 years of mild acne and trying pretty much everything possible. The only problem I'm having with it is the amount of dryness. I've cut down to just watching with it once at night, and only using a little warm water in the morning. I moisurize both day & night... but do you have any trouble with dryness? If so, what do you do to help curb this? A little dryness isn't enough to keep me from using it since I'm adoring actually having a clear face for once, but I definitely need to perfect my routine to make my face less dry.

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I was on Proactiv for all of 2 weeks. But that's just because I thought it was all I could do, until my Mom saw how horrible my face was(before Proactiv) and paid for my Office visit + meds from the Dermatologist. My face went from OMGAREYOUREALLYMYSON to very very good in only 17 days. Everything after that was ONLY improvement. That was.....in Nov I think, so I've been clear since.

But yea what I wanted to say was when I wanted to cancel my Proactiv prescription, it was the most agonizing 2mins of my life.(/sarcasm) They answered the phone quickly, I told them I wanted to cancel, they asked why, I told them, they said ok, I gave them info to show it was me, they canceled and asked me to wait to check the website to confirm it, it was canceled, I said thanks and hung up. Maybe you just had a bad day?

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ProActive cleared me up for about a month, I would say at best.

If it works for you, that's great. But, reality is, there's a reason why most dermatologist don't recommend or suggest their patients use ProActive, because they know it doesn't deliver sufficient results. I got so much more out of my $15 tube of Tazorac than out of the $80 basic kit from ProActive, and I seriously regret ever having been on ProActive (well, one thing I do like is that now I won't ever wonder if those commercials are real).

A lot of people fall for the commercials, but those celebrities get endorsements just for doing 20 second commercials. That's why there's practically a list of celebrities who "use" ProActive, but in reality, most of them don't use it or even if they are "on ProActive", they're on so many other things like daily skin treatments, laser therapy, Accutane, etc., that you can't really say it's really ProActive that's clearing them up.

You know, you can save a lot of money just by getting a benzoyl peroxide prescription and asking for a good glycolic acid toner from your dermatologist? That should cost you about $30 with insurance.

Anyhow, congratulations on having clear skin!

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I used proactive and it did heal up my acne but it came back after i stopped using it or ran out of certain steps. So i just use steps 1 and 2 and some of the toners.

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