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Goji berries??

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I've heard that these are good for acne (they're also good for everything else! as they contain every amino acid your body needs...) Does anyone take these as part of their skin care reigmen??

For the last month I have been taking a TBSP of cod liver oil and I have really noticed a difference. My skin is not dry but it is not icky oily either...just really moisturized.

I've also been eating goji berries (my mom gave me a bunch) and don't know if they help too...just wondering!

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I never ate them alone as you are, but I drink a Tea that has Goji Berry Pieces in it.

They are considered a super fruit, like Pomegranate, Acai Berry, Blueberry and theres others. So yes, they are supposed to be very healthy and great for your overall body function.

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Eat them if you want, though personally I think they taste pretty bad and I can think of a few more fruits that are a lot more nutrient dense.

Don't set too much in store in antioxidant compounds that are found in fruits and vegetables: very few of them are actually absorbed, so getting 200 mg is hardly better than getting 50 mg.

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I've had them for an extended period before (powdered form) - they're useless.

Hate to burst the 'superfruit' bubble, but there's nothing "super" about them.

Per weight, they have about as much nutrients and antioxidants as an apple.

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