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I have Rosacea, and the pimples I usually get are small, inflamed pauples and pustles that appear towards the middle of my face. The past few days, though, I've been getting skin-toned clogged pores that, for the first few hours after they appear, have a lot of redness/irritation surrounding them, and they're always very itchy. After a few hours, though, the redness and itchiness fades, and they're just skin-toned bumps that eventually come to a head and go away.

I used to get them the end of last year, even when I was cleared of inflamed acne, but they went away before I could tell what was causing them. The past few days, however, I've been getting a couple a day, and it's really bugging me! Does anyone else get these?

Here's what I've ruled out:

- Clindamycin (I started it again last night, after these pimples started appearing again)

... And that's about it.

I thought it was peanut butter or my moisturizer, but I haven't touched either of them all today and I still got three new ones tonight. Also, I notice these things almost ALWAYS come up at night.

I don't think it's my Oracea pill causing it, since that's just doxycycline. It could be purging, but why would I be purging in areas where I don't usually breakout?

They started up a few days after I started my Neutrogena cleanser, but I used this cleanser last month and didn't have this problem.

My skin's been very very dry lately, but I'm breaking out in areas where it isn't all that dry.

Also, I've been eating tuna alot recently.

ETA: I *might* get them the week before/of my period, but not always. I don't know if they could be hormonal, or what... Usually the kind of breakouts I get are inflamed, but these just have redness around them for a few hours that fades...

Any ideas?

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