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Well it was the answer, for me, anyway. Some of you might remember me from a while back in the `ORG , but I haven't been here in many months, simply because I have taken my acne under control. I stopped using acne products about 10 months ago, and will never touch one AGAIN. My acne situation has now pretty much cleared up.. and I had moderate acne. I only get the odd pimple/breakout now and then, like any ordinary teen... nothing like before. I only wash my face with warm water. No creams, no lotions, no pills, no CHEMICALS in any form.

The only thing I have to work on is some red marks, which is not too big of an issue. I really do advise for you guys to try this regime and stop with your acne products. You have to give it time to work. Basically, all these years you have been using acne products, you have been loading your skin with toxins and stripping it (literally). Was nature's intention for us to lather our faces in bleaches and chemicals? I don't think so.

My theory is that many cases of acne (definitely not all) began as flare ups in our earlier teenage years, at the earlier stages of puberty. At that time, we would think that we should apply acne products to prevent the breakouts becoming worse. However, this has only made the acne worse, in the long run (for me anyway). I'm referring mainly to acne products such as benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and any other chemical-based product.

I hope your willing to try this regime, it might be the answer for you, like it was for me. Every acne product I ever tried always ended up doing nothing. They may have worked for the few weeks that you try them... then the acne just comes back. My suggestion is that gradually begin to reduce the amount of acne product you apply to your face, and then eliminate them. Use warm water to wash your face twice or three times a day. Exfoliate with a gentle baby brush or a microdermabrasion cloth once a week or when you feel necessary.

Initially, people that have been using acne products for years, like I had, will notice an initial breakout, possibly severe. However this is simply your "toxified" skins reaction to the lack of chemicals being applied to the skin. Over a period of a few weeks this should settle down and your face should begin the healing process. Several months in and you should be seeing quite good results, though don't expect all your acne to have disappeared. Even now, 10 months in, I still get breakouts now and then, although they quickly dry out and go away.

I hope you guys try this out, it worked for me, and it might for you too. After years of acne products, I found the answer. I know there will be many skeptics out there that are devoted to BP, SA and what not. However its these things that you think may be clearing your acne, are deep down damaging your skin and stripping it. Since the creator of this site and forum themselves endorses BP and their own range of acne products, I wouldn't be surprised if my post was deleted.

Good luck! Any questions, PM me.

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The thing is that this might work for some people who has use products for years and years and has "destroyed" their skin in some way..

I have never used any product on my back or chest, but I still get acne there...

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