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Acne be Gone -- My Accutane Log

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Is this the miracle cure we've all been looking for? Let's hope so!

Hey everyone! and welcome to my log, which hopefully, I'll update every day (no promises!).

Like everybody else here I've finally decided to take the fight against acne to the next level and after some debriefings from the dermatologist (Mrs. Aggressive Derma.) I started Sotret -- another Accutane brand -- on February 9th, 2008 .

Seems like you guys usually have a story so here it goes -- I have acne. Done. Wait no! It's supposed to be a bit longer? Alright.

It started about a year ago when I began seeing the dermatologist (not Mrs. Agressive). This was for weak acne though, not the cystic stuff I have now. After a short battle using tropicals, I was clear. :dance: But then I started shaving. Finally, I knew what it was like to have bad skin. You wanna pick and you wanna pop, but with cystic acne, it's underneath. You get these domes that don't have a whitehead and if you're like me, your cheeks are red and bumpy. Not cool skin, not cool. So after awhile using low grade topicals and antibotics I decided to get accutaned. The blood work made me pass out but it won't have to be done for awhile and hey, if this is the miracle drug people talk about, I'm all for passing out once in awhile. Hell, they even bring you free pop and cookies!


Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser in the norning and at night.

Cetaphil Mosturizer after each cleaning

2x 40 Mg. of Sotret with food

2x 3 Pills of E.E.S with food

Carmex for Chapped Lips

Dehumidifer at Night while I sleep

Day 1

Not too much to discuss here. Started to feel my lips getting a little dry by the end of the day.

Day 2

Sunday! A bit drier today. Lips a little chapped; face kinda dry. Not to much to report on the battlefield.

Day 3

Monday! Thank god for cold days. A saw a little bit of improvement in the look of my cheeks but got a few new whiteheads on my chin. Actually, I don't think they're new, just coming to surface. According to Mrs. Agressive (House's Cut Throat Bitch would sound a lot better :)) I shouldn't get worse cause of the E.E.S I'm taking. Let's see how that works out! I'm still about as dry as some parts of the Sahara. One question. Have you guys gotten any hungrier while on Accutane? I've been pretty hungry lately. I've got a tapeworm, don't I? :)

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Day 4

Couple changes. My skins actually feeling a little less like a wool sweater today! My lips also feel better although they haven't gotten bad yet. The cold weather doesn't help though so I was expecting some form of dryness. Some of the whiteheads on my chin went down a bit since last night. After you take a shower and dry off they seem to fall right off, hopefully the blackheads on my nose will do that soon too.

I'm a little red as well, could be that it's just me though. I always tend to see the bad parts instead of the good.

Foreheads still a little oily though, but, again, maybe it's just me. I've never been really oily so once I can feel a little bit I'm usually wiping faster than a racecar down a straightaway.

All in all, a normal day.

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Day 5

Again, not much change.

I did finish my first blister pack though! 5 Days down! 25 to go until the next appointment :dance:

I think I'm a little less oily today on my forehead (the normal spot). A few of the whiteheads on my chin are still there even though I thought they were gone last night. They must of been hiding...

I put some Dove Moisturizer on tonight instead of the normal Cetaphil. I saw somebody say that it brought their redness down so I'll see if it does the same for me. They're DEFINITELY two different products though. The Dove is a lot creamier and now it sounds like I'm describing food :)

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Hasta manana muchachos!

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Day 6/Day 7

A two in one update since I missed yesterday.

Yesterday (the 6th day in case you can't count) my face was a little red. I was expecting it, though, because of the mere dryness of my skin and the cold winter were having. Not much else to report.

Today, Feb. 15, is my week 1 milestone! :dance: I'm counting down the days until I get off, but really, I'm just waiting for clear skin. After that the pills become "something I have to take" and not "this is the cure".

Skins a little less red this morning, but definitely drier. I woke up to a chin that felt like sandpaper and dead flakes falling off when you touched it. It's like a bad sunburn in the middle of February. I plan on picking up a baby brush that I've seen some posts make mention of. For now though I'm just gonna scrub gently with a washcloth and see what happens. Also, my derm. gave me Alcortin last time appointment so I'm gonna try that out around my lips to help with a few of the remaining pustules. There are no new pustules though so I'm happy with that. And my lips? They still aren't that dry. I think people tend to blow it out of proportion but, hey, I'm only finishing my first week so...

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It seems we started at the same time. Lol. Well I have had no side effects at all. No head aches, dry skin/lips, or anything besides the fact I think I am getting my IB. Oh I don't think it's just you I have noticed my face is a little bit more red, but it's probably due to the fact of my IB.

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Thanks somekidlol for responding!

Your one of the lucky ones, eh? :) I wish I could avoid the dry chin. It's a little heart wrenching to think that it looks worse than what it did, but even my first doctor said, you're going to hate me for awhile but after a month or so you'll want to come play poker with me on the weekends!

Good luck with your treatment, though. Do you have a log?

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Day 8

If it's not the chin it's the lips.

Last night I tried using a gauze pad to apply both my Cetaphil cleanser and aveeno moisturizer and it seemed to help cut down on the dead skin flakes. Really! I couldn't believe it myself but it seemed to work. It's not as harsh as a washcloth but it's still able to ex foliate unlike my fingers.

But, now that I don't have large chunks of skin on my chin my lips are chapped like crazy. No serious bleeding but you see that skin peeling off. I've been applying Caramex like crazy but to no avail. Maybe I'll pick up some aquaphor tomorrow to see if that helps any. I've heard it's a godsend from others on here so let's hope it works!

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Gah! I missed a couple days of logging but I have a reason: I was hoping to attach some pictures but I can't find my damn usb cable. I'll keep looking though! I want to be able to see from a third person perspective on my progress. 'Cause to me, it looks the same while others around me say I'm looking a little better.

Went to get a haircut last night though and even my hairdresser noticed how dry I was. She asked if I was on anything for my acne to which I calmly responded with "accutane" to which she said that that both her grandkids had been on it. With skin kind of like mine at first. Small world.

I haven't seen much in terms of "progress". I keep expecting to wake up one morning with clear skin but I know that's not how it works. Actually, getting these damn blackheads off my nose would make me ecstatic because I would that it's helping me. It's only Day 11 though. Sigh...

I have a couple persistent whiteheads on my forehead that won't go away. That matched up with the new haircut I have and a red eye (I was washing this morning and think I broke a blood vessel or something) makes me look extravagant today :cool: Good thing I have a day before school restarts. :dance:

I'm gonna try icing the couple of 'em on my forehead and then jumping in the shower. Also, I'm thinking about reducing my grain intake for a couple days and seeing if it helps at all.

How many times you guys wash a day? Do you moisturize after word? I also saw some people using Aloe Vera to soothe the redness. Is their any particular type? I have some underneath my sink but it contains alcohol traces. I don't wanna be anymore drier than I am.

Ahhh. Day 12 here we come!

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How many times you guys wash a day? Do you moisturize after word? I also saw some people using Aloe Vera to soothe the redness. Is their any particular type? I have some underneath my sink but it contains alcohol traces. I don't wanna be anymore drier than I am.
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d.lax - No I decided not to make an accutane log. This is because so far I have had no side effects what so ever besides my IB. I doubt people would want to read it. Lol. Anyways so your having a few pimples that won't go away also? I am in the same boat there. And it's driving me crazy because before I would also use a clean needle and poke the tip of the white head and let it drain; however, it seems doing that on accutane is a bad idea?

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