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Hey people! I wanted to share my story with you and maybe help somebody who is going through this too.

I'm a 23 year old girl and I've been battling moderate acne for the last 2 years. I never had acne during my teen years.

I used (so good to finally be able to put it on the past tense:)) to get those big red painful pimples on my cheeks specially but also on my chin and forehead.

I went to 3 different dermatologists and for a year i used oral antibiotics and isotrexin to apply every night on my skin. I also started taking Diane-35 because my skin was pretty oily. It got slightly better for a couple of months but I had still breaks every other day although they werent as bad as before I still didnt feel happy about my acne. My cheeks were still full of redish big painful pimples.

I was miserable because every new pimple I got would take many weeks to disappear and it would always scar my face. I have a very pale face which only made it worse for me. My best friend for the last year has been make up and foundation.

Anyway, I wanted a permanent solution. I thought it was so unfair that all of my friends had perfect skin and not me. Why me? So I got online and started doing research. The secret is to find out what is causing it right? I was amazed by the amount of things that can cause acne. I think I tested most of them.

I stopped ingesting dairy, started meditating to reduce stress, stopped eating meat (they could be full of the growth hormone, related to acne too), exercised more, drank much more water. I tried every clearasil lotion and cream, salicilic acid, B vitamines, drank lots of red and green tea (tried to apply them on my face too). I kept my hands away from my face, I used those 50 dollars pharmacy lotions. Still with no results.

Until 2 months ago, by chance, I bought a clay masque. Like every other normal masque, it's supposed to be used like twice a week or so, and thats what I did. Nothing changed really, my acne kept attacking every couple of days but my skin was definitely softer. I read online a review of a girl who said that this clay masque worked better for her if used at night (you let it dry and instead of removing it you sleep with it and remove it in the morning). I thought "what the hell I'll do it then" and started using the clay masque every night.

The truth is since then I never had new pimples. Whenever Im too tired to use this masque at night Im almost sure I'll wake up with a new break the following day (specially if i stop using it 2-3 straight days) so I can say for sure that the reason why I'm free on new acne breaks is because of this masque. I have a theory, I have a really oily face and since I started "protecting" it with this masque (that absorbs the oil my pores produce at night, specially on my cheeks, that contacted with my pillow) it got better.

I dont advice using clay masque every night for every people. If you have sensitive skin it probably wont work and might worsen your acne, clay can be very agressive if used so frequently. I noticed my skin became even more oily after I started using the clay but I control it with birth control pill now.

I dont take antibiotics or vitamines anymore. I eat meat and dairy produts. Honestly the only thing I do is use a good cleanser, lotion and cream in the morning and at night and I use this masque (its called Freeman avocado and oatmeal clay masque) also every night. I'm also on the pill.

I hope this helps and gives hope to somebody. Thank you for reading this far :D

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What's it called and where did u get it?

It's called "Freeman avocado and oatmeal clay masque" and I got it on a regular supermarket. I don't live on the US or UK so I'm not the best person to tell you where you can get it. can somebody inform us please?

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