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Just curious

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there have been a few days where I completely spaced out and forgot to bring a pill with me to dinner when my friends and I went out to eat. I just took the pill right when I got back from dinnner with a glass of milk.

will the absorption be ok those few times?

I wasnt sure if it was ok to take it after the meal...im just paranoid sometimes lol

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I am not sure, but I honestly think you are fine. I forgot today at work, so I grabbed a bag of chips and had my pill with some fritos! HA! As long as most the time you take your pill with a meal and include some fatty foods, you'll be okay.

I am going to start taking mine with fish oil tomorrow, I have read numerous times on the site that it helps with absorption (The accutane binds to the natural fats).

Good Luck, Nick!


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Ive just finished my course a couple of weeks ago and i have to say its worked wonders! but when i was taking my course i never took my pill with food, always just before i went tio bed - never seemed to have a huge effect on myself. though i was bad and drank alcohol mayby a bit too much on it too! so in other words, you can get away with it like me, though everyone is different! one or two times like you said missing it wont make a difference since its an accumulative dose your on.

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Guest Blue_Eyed_Girl

As long as you have food in your belly, you're good!

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