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80 and over acne club.

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I am forming the 80+year old club....

because I know I'll be old and wrinkled, and STILL have a pimply face.

can you imagine that?

who do you know over 70 that still has acne?

who else wants to join?

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I hope not to be part of this club! I don't even want to be part of the 40-over club (wink, wink) The funniest thing has just happened, my wife insisted that I go back and try Cetaphil. Yes, shitty, old, fucking Cetaphil, and for the last week or so, the fucking shit has actually worked! I don't know what the hell changed, I haven't used this crap in probably 5 years! Did they change the formulation? Did my skin change in this time? Is it just that it's winter, and my skin is dry? I can't figure this one out, after a million "I told you so's"!!! I took it a step further and tried it as a shaving lotion, after reading a review on Amazon...again, HOLY FUCK, this is working as well, I'm dumbfounded here!!!

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OH GEE, NEVER THOUGHT OF DIET ChANGES!!!!!!!! what a dumb ass I am!!!!! Thats my problem, now I will have clear skin and no worries! Thanks to who ever suggested it!

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