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Why use 2.5% BP Cream, and not... BP?

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Bottles of 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide are readily available. They have exactly 2.5% BP. Why spend 8 bucks + shipping once or twice a month, when you could just rub in liquid BP, and let it dry, then 15 minutes later put on some moisturizer.

I'm not seeing the point of the BP Cream at all, other then to make a buck.

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How can liquid BP only be 2.5%? If it's 2.5% then it is mixed with something else, probably just water, hence it not being 100%. BP creams are mixed with ingredients that assist in the breaking down of the BP and assist absorption into the skin.

Actual liquid Benzoyl Peroxide is not readily available will literally burn straight through your skin and is extremely volatile and flammable it also acts as a mutagen. Not good stuff, very dangerous. What you're describing would just be a different BP product in liquid form not actual liquid Benzoyl Peroxide

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:think: Where on earth have you seen liquid BP? All BP products I've seen have always been gels (like Dan's or prescription BP), creams (like Oxy), or lotions (like Proactiv Repairing Lotion). Of these, Dan's gel is easily the cheapest per ounce, especially if you buy multiple bottles at once to cut down on the shipping costs per bottle.

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