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Am I the only one here who is incredibly bitter about everything? I find that because of the way I've been treated in the past and past experiences I hate everything.

I hate happy people and couples the most. When I see a happy couple I want them to break up and be miserable, because that is how I feel. I want people to feel like shit, because I do.

I have little interest in most things now. I know people from my old school who are getting married soon. Am I happy for them? No, I couldn't give a shit to be honest.

I feel like I deserve a bit of happiness after 20 years of being single, lonely, depressed, ugly and just plain miserable. And I feel that people who are happy deserve to feel like shit so that they can feel like I have for all these years.

I'm a fucking arsehole I know. But I don't care.

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lol hate is a strong word

anyway i kind of know how you feel... but being bitter towards people for no reason other than their happiness wont endear you to others!

try and do something positive with your life insteas of being bitter.


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I know very much how you feel and exactly the same thing happened to me.

It makes you feel sick and guitly doesn't it?

You feel worse --> bitterness increases.

I don't think there is any advice I can really give. How did I get over this problem? I didn't. I simply crushed my feelings away, never letting them out, I simply carried on with my life and they faded away.

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