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Acne Leftover Redness PLEASE REPLY

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I have suffered with acne for about 5 years now, and until recently (the past 2 years or so) I have been suffering from the after maths of acne, the redness, and scarring, dryness, and scabs. I have tried everything, from all oral medications, to proactiv (which I'm still using), Benzaclin, and almost every topical treatment, besides Accutane. I'm hesitant to try accutane because of the side effects, and I really don't get a lot of acne, but when I do break out, the redness is horrific, and it's extremely hard to cover with make up (I use bareminerals). I have tried all different kinds of make up that even have acne killers in it, etc. I have heard about Laser Light Treatments, and was hoping someone could fill me in on the side effects, and or if the treatment helps. I live in Bellevue, Washington and there is a great skin clinic called, Calidora. PLEASE let me know if any of you or someone you know has experienced similar problems, and or has done the laser treatment.


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Oh, join the club!

I too have terrible Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.

You should figure out what you are on the fitzpatrick skin type test, I know it is an old classification system and many derms want a new one, but it does help you determine what types of treatments may be a problem for you.

I have had a lot of worries about trying microdermabrasion and many of the laser treatments that are contraindicated for darker skins that scar or discolor easily.

I have had 2 treatments now of my first med light treatment PPX (Isolaz is the new version). They tell you that you won't see results until after the 3rd treatment, but I saw results after 1 time and I just had the second treatment yesterday and they look better still! My face gets super red for a few hours after treatment and then it fades and the red marks are a bit darker for a few more hours. Both times I did it in the mid-late morning and the next morning my marks were lighter. Awesome!

It is not cheap, so I hope I don't need too many treatments. They usually run about $250 per session here in the Pacific NW. Sometimes you can get package deals, also worth asking for it even if it isn't advertised. You can go to the Isolaz website and find people in your area who do the treatment. It is worth a look, I think.

Of course, it isn't a miracle overnight fix, but I notice the results gradually got better all week after the first one. Some of the discolorations develop a dark flakyness that goes away in a few days, almost like the thinest scab you have ever seen. When it flakes off the mark underneath is less or gone. They say the results are better if treatments are done about 1 week apart.

Good luck!

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Thanks for replying! I thought no one was ever going to respond! Ha. I got the laser treatment done today, the vbeam and some other thing, can't recall the name. It was kind of painful, and many burning sensations, but I expected that, since that is what my doctor told me it would be like! I got my treatment done at Calidora, in Bellevue Washington. Great group of people. My face wasn't red for more than 2 hours, but I am still going to put a cold compress on it, and drinking lots of water will help as well. My doctor also gave me two medicines to pick up, one being a steroid for inflammation, and the other for cold sores that are possible when receiving the laser. So ask your doctor the next treatment for a steroid cream, should help! Let me know of your next treatment and how it goes. =)

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