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Red Rashes on Arms

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I'm on day 12 of accutane and I noticed my arms have these red patches. They don't hurt but I'm worried they might evolve into something else. I've been moistuerizing everyday and they're not dry. wtf is this?

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Eczema! Accutane induced atopic dermatitis . . .

Turn the heat off in your bedroom and use a humidifier. Winter air is dry enough, but heated homes have even lower humidity than a desert.

Shorten your baths and only use tepid or cold water. Hot water robs the oil from your skin which causes dehydration and irritation.

Consider lowering your dose!

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Moisturizing the skin makes it more supple and can help maintain the lipid barrier, but it actually dose very little in the way of moisturizing. Moisture comes from water, not lipids. Although water is the first ingredient of most moisturizers that evaporates rather quickly or is absorved into the dead skin layer. What creams and lotions really do is keep water from evaporating from your skin as well as providing a physical protectant.

That means that you need to drink plenty of water around the clock to make sure the skin is staying hydrated. Also avoid letting the skin dry out after exercise or showering. You need to apply moisturizer while your skin is still wet, within 3 min of showering.

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Just use lotion. I got red/dry patches on the back of my hands and i just started using lotion every couple of hours and it never came back :)

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