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Does dressing nice really help?

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confidence makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. you should wear nice clothes, cuz at the end of the day you'll feel better about urself. i have real bad acne atm and am on my 9th day of accutane, and although i come home from a day out and feel unconfident- you gotta make out that u LOOK THE WAY YOU WANT TO! trust me, everyone is so into their own insecurities that unless u make it evident to them-then they wont care. i know how it feels to try and hide away from people and for me, ive worn makeup for years- but ive started to get REALLY paranoid about what light people see me in, but one thing i realised is that acne has changed my skin- not my feautures- not my personality- and therefore although acne is one of theee most horrid things, we can get thru it. im starting to realise that before my acne used to mild- and it didnt bother me that much, the reason i care so much now is cuz it hurts, so my point is ive now become sick of feeling this pain on my face. btw put ur head up high...we all beautiful..

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i'm probably going to catch shit for this but i would say that they don't make a big difference in whether a female perceives you as attractive or not

as long as your clothes fit you well and are clean and you smell decent you should be good to go

just like clothes don't make a great deal of difference for men i doubt they make much difference for women either

of course i always feel like a pimp wearing a suit and as long as my skin looks good i can feel good in pretty much anything

it's all about confidence and good bone structure

and clear skin


no that's not true, you can have a few zits and still be attractive (srs)

but the part about confidence and bone structure is true though

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Looks are important to society I guess... not just in relationships. You want to be presentable and have a clean, nice image to present yourself with.

I'd say definitely yes! Try to use fashion to deter the attention from acne. Fashion is definitely a hobby of mine and people look at you more than they talk to you, so you wanna look presentable somehow :P

PS - as for the bum look, I adore it if he's not an actual "bum".



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I have 2 words for everyone here about how to dress sharply and not look too formal.



Best of luck to you all.

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I used to always dress nicely when I'd go outside - and to a certain extent I think that it did boost my self confidence. However, now I'm pretty content with wearing pjs and hoodies for the rest of my life.

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I care more about a guy's style than his looks. It's about working with what you have and it shoes that a guy has self pride. I always look at a guy's hair and shoes first. I'm not talking about guys who dress way too formal or over the top but it's nice to see guys who dress well casually.

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I believe hands down that dressing nice boosts your self esteem. I see it in myself and others. You do not have to dress all fancy and have a certain style or anything. Dress to the point where you feel confident in yourself, that's all.

One example with myself is the coat I wear in the winter. The one I had I did not particular like and lacked confidence when I wore it out in public. I just bought a pretty nice wool coat with a gift card I had and it has most definitely boosted my confidence.

And, I must say again as I have said many times in this forum... it does not matter what other people think of you. If you like what you are wearing, if you have confidence because of the clothes you wear then it will show with other people. You are loved because of your unique personality. If you do not like the clothes you have then your self-esteem will be lowered and you may have trouble getting a boyfriend or girlfriend.

I am not saying that people do not concentrate on looks, because it certainly plays a part. But, not as much as people think. Buy clothes that you think look good on you. If you think they look good on you then the chances of someone else thinking the same thing is significantly greater because of your enhanced self-esteem - you will approach more people and just be more confident. You will worry less and just enjoy life.

So, in short... dressing what you think looks good on yourself will help in all areas of life.

Anyone, feel free to send me a message with any questions you may have. I am here in these forums to help.

Happy New Year!

To an Acne Free Life,


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Dressing nice really does help. My niece was at my wedding and she had a bad case of acne. I decided to give her the best flower girl dress money could buy. But she didn't like it. Luckily the people at *Moderator edit, URL removed - read the board rules. * were nice enough to give us to exchange it for us for free. She wanted to look like a princess. So she looked just like Cinderella. She was so beautiful and felt great about her self.

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If you suffer from red pigmentation on the face, then wear a bright red shirt when you go out. It makes your own facial redness far less noticable.

Brush your teeth 3 times a day, get a cool hair style... and when you go out clubbing or whatever... have a big grin on your face and enjoy yourself.

Women will pick up on your confidence and sexy smile, seriously.

Oh... and remember to wear deodrant and aftershave (but only a couple of sprays of aftershave!!)... and some spearmints to maintain a good breath wouldn't go a miss either.

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I just want to echo the sentiments of those who said that you don't have to have the best or most popular designer clothes, just ones that you feel confident in. Be comfortable and dress to your own sense of style. If you try and emulate everyone else, you will feel like an imposter. This is what I did in high school, it made me miserable. Now I wear what I want. :cool:

There is a guy at my uni who dresses like a cross between a pirate and a spanish conquistador LOLS...I do not recommend this, but he gets away with it because he wears it with confidence...

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Even if you don't like buying clothes, having a few nice items can do wonders for you. It doesn't have to be expensive, just simple. I think the most important thing (for me, anyways) is to wear clothes that look simple and clean.

I think people tend to think those with acne are dirty and slobbish. I've found I can't wear certain clothes, just because I have acne and it makes me look gross - reds and oranges really bring out the redness in my face -_-;; Really busy patterns , I don't know why, they really highlight my acne. Busy patterns look awful when you also have a busy face.

On the other hand, I wear a crapload of green because it seems to soften the redness in my face. Solid colors and very subtle patterns look clean and simple, and it seems to translate to my face.

Ok, that all might have sounded crazy. Anyways, it works for me.

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for me, clothes make me feel better when i wear things that make me feel put together, and that differs for everyone.

i just feel better going about my day when i'm wearing something that doesn't make me feel like i rolled out of bed. it makes it easier to get into the mode of "gotta get stuff done today."

i think it's really attractive if a guy can smile and laugh at himself. so i would say wear whatever makes you the most comfortable. i think every guy looks good with a black t-shirt and some dark washed jeans :thumbsup:

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I can relate, I have days where I don't see the point in putting together a cute outfit because I feel so unattractive in the face, just feel like my efforts would be ruined anyway. So I get it. But if you do want to buy some new clothes, I personally love a guy in a button down shirt.. especially plaid. But that's just me :)

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O.k, im an average looking guy but with scars and red marks. I've never wen't out and bought new clothes for anything cause I feel like whats th point. If I look bad in the face then will wearing nice clothes really make a diffrence? Girls do you like a guy who dresses sharp and with some good style, does it really make them that more attractive?

Well of course it doesn't! Girls will be too distracted by your unsightly acne and red marks.

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