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Hi, I've been struggling with severe acne for a long time and in the past couple months I've started using DK's BP with really good results. just recently though, in the past 2-3 weeks, I've really noticed that my acne are disappearing. I get maybe 1-2 new pimple, non-cystic(spelling?) ones, a week which is really good news considering how bad it was before, and they are usually gone in about 2-3 days. But my problem now is even though the pimples are gone, I have these red marks left on my face. The red stuff is kind of transparent?I have seen other students with acne marks and their's look a lot darker. Like I said it is red but kind of transparent like there's puss from cystic pimple underneath. at first I thought they were scars but after checking out the scars forum, I think may not be. When I wash my face and put on the BP, my fingers feel no dents or bumps, the face feels smooth actually. so my question is, it is not scars right? and if it's not, how should I treat it? I read the lemon water and the vinegar solution on the scarring forums, does that work for red marks too? I also read about glycolic acid on the forum, but the products i looked up are quite expensive, I am a college student by the way, so spending is limited. last question, is there any other proven methods out there that someone can suggest? it would be best if the method is not too time consuming, because I share a bathroom with 8 other guys and I already spend too long in the bathroom washing and applying bp 2 times a day. sorry for the long post, any reply is appreciated. tyvm in advance! i'll check back after my calc test.

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