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Lobster Face

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I'm not sure if I made my question clear...

The redness is NOT from acne. I don't have problems with acne popping up all the time. It's from the BP being irritating to my skin.

My question was: Is there a moisturizer that can calm the irritation from the BP?

Sorry guys. ^^

There are a few that claim to reduce redness. Eucerin Redness Relief and Aveeno Ultra Calming moisturizer. I've never tried the Eucerin product. I'm currently using Aveeno but can't say whether or not it really helps with redness, but it might be worth a try for you.

Aveeno ultra calming gave me a rash :( but maybe it was because i was just starting....I have been using cetaphil moisturizing lotion and a drop of jojoba oil...no rash...but a little redness.

I will try aveeno again one day...

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from the research i have done, the color is different depending on the diet ... but it is the same product and has the same benefits.

I saw results within a few days. I am off to order another bottle because lurebeauty is having a storewide sale .. has anyone tried their body creams yet? I got free samples with my last order and that pink sugar smells UNBELIEVABLE!

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I took your advice and bought the emu oil from lurebeauty.com in conjunction with their wonderful Acne Cleansing Gel. My skin has cleared up in only a week and 3 days. And the emu oil has made my face so soft. Thank you for your recommendation!! I also love their emu oil soap

And they sent me loads of free samples :D:D

Good call girls.

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yay im so glad you like lurebeautys emu oil too, it's done wonders for my skin.

Im sorry it took me so long to respond.

Happy New year everyone

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Ok here is an update - my face is back to normal now, redness gone away, acne is gone (but ive also been using the LacSal serum and it has cleared up my pimples and made my skin smoother).

Thanks for the recommendation!! I got lurebeautys free shipping email so im off to stock up!!

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HI - ive never used emu oil but from reading the product reviews... doesn't it make your face appear pretty greasy/oily - i use BP 2.5 every night which helps me clear up my face but as a result I have the redness/lobster appearance

By using emu oil are you exchanging the redness for the oil slick look - Im not sure if there is anything to help the oily/redness look from having overactive oil glans and using BP -


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Actually you have to use only one pump, even less than that on your entire face. Your skin sucks the emu oil in through all layers of your skin (unlike any other moisturizer from what ive read), and then the oiliness goes away, you only need a tiny amount.

I used to break out like crazy and this product has helped my skin calm down like nothing else, I first use the lacsal serum to exfoliate, then the super cp serum mixed with emu oil and my skin is beautiful again!!

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My technique sounds a little odd, but it has seriously worked for me. Firstly, I do not use Dan's moisturizer. Not only is the smell very off-putting, but it makes my face a bright, almost apple-shiny red. Dan's moisturizer is great for controlling flakes but not for controlling redness. Secondly, make sure your skin has had a chance to get very soft and humidified. In other words, take a hot shower where the steam is allowed to envelop your face and open your pores slowly. Avoid allowing the hot water to actually touch your face, though some contact will inevitably occur, which is OK. Thirdly, wash your face in the sink with the fan OFF so as to let the humidity continue to build up in the bathroom. If the mirror is foggy then use a hairdryer to clear it. Now, DO NOT LET YOUR SKIN DRY ALL THE WAY!! This is the key thing here; putting BP on dry skin is FAR more irritating than on moist or partially-moist skin. This has been my technique for reducing redness significantly and I seriously think Dan should modify his instructions for the regimen, jettisoning the waiting-period between cleansing and treating for the skin too fully dry. If you think about it, more BP will actually be absorbed on skin with open pores, which is what happens when skin is humidified and partially moist. Allowing the skin to dry and the bathroom to dehumidify actually closes the pores. The only downside to this process is that it takes about twice as long for the BP to absorb. Now, after the BP is on the face, switch the fan on with an elbow and very gently massage it in (which will take a while). Once fully absorbed, however, the skin will be less-irritated and may not even need a moisturizer at all! I have been on the regimen for about 9 months, have been somewhat clear for 8 1/2 months, totally clear for 6 months, and, since I have been practicing the above technique of applying the BP to a semi-moist face, I have experienced absolutely no redness, drying or peeling, and have not even needed to use a moisturizer at all for the past 3 months! Not only is this process great for reducing redness, but I have found that SO MUCH MORE of the BP is absorbed that I can skip the morning routine altogether, staying totally clear with only the evening routine.

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