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My FANTASTIC results so far...

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I suffered acne since my Freshmen year of highschool kicked in. It wasn't cystic but it was definitely evident and I had a lot of it. I tried everything. Every pill, every cream. You name it, I tried it. My derm finally put me on Accutane and I will tell you my results.

Simply. Amazing.

I am going to be starting my 4th month in a few days, and the spots on my face (cheeks, jaw line, chin, areas around the mouth, cheek-to-mouth area (where you get the painful ones) is completely clear) Not a zit in sight and I haven't even been washing my face AS often because it dries it out if you do too much. I simply let accutane do it's work.

I have a few red spots just from small zits but they are practically invisible unless you do your best to point them out. My skin looks great, I don't have a problem with going out anymore, it's all going good. No more basing my life off the condition of my skin at this point. These results just kicked in a few weeks ago about 10 days into January (I started in the first few days of NOV. 2007) and have been sticking this way ever since. I feel that only continuing the rest of m course for 2 months is going to make it even better.

I want you all to know this because Accutane does good things. I am not depressed, in fact, with this skin, I am so much happier. Give Accutane a chance if you want to feel clear skin.

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Good because you know what, my first 2 months, I was sick of reading those DOWNER posts. So I felt it was my duty to give my personal experience which is VERY POSITIVE.

Hope things go great for youtoo.

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