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Personal Solutions to Get Over the Embarrassment

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I personally am very embarrassed when I try to talk to people and I have acne. I have trouble looking at them in the eye, I try to turn my head whenever possible so they won't look at my face, and a lot of times I just want to stay in my room and watch movies or do something alone.

However, I am trying to get over this.. my new motto in life is to not give a shit about a lot of things.. just sort of brush it off my shoulder. I try to get the most out of my life and find humor in things whenever possible. So, sometimes when I have a break-out, my solution is to just outright say something about my blemishes.. I try to make it funny, but it's hard.. and it's especially hard saying something about it when you don't know the person you are talking to very well.

So basically I am wondering if there is anything that anyone out there does that makes it easier for them to deal with interacting with other people. Does anyone else just go ahead and bring up the fact that they have acne? I think that is where a lot of my problems stem from - the fact that I think the person I'm talking to is thinking about my acne and so am I, but no one is saying anything. Is there any way to make it funny and just lighten the whole situation?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

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i go through the same thing..

what i do many times is that if i am having a bad breakout or something i say something like "oh man...i am breaking out like crazy..this sucks!" u know it really does lighten the mood and u beat people to the punch...

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I have the added bonus of having braces. I only bring up my skin if it's particularly bad. Most people will say they hadn't noticed (probably to be nice) or that I cover it well (with makeup).

Lately my skin is quite good so I feel the wandering eyes go to my braces instead. If I notice the person is fixated on my mouth, I will usually bring it up. I have to remember to stop initiating the conversation about this because it just makes the other person feel uncomfortable that I have noticed them staring. Noone else mentions the braces to me except for little kids who come out with "ew, what's that on your teeth?". So as far as your skin goes, if it's obvious there's no point in pointing it out. The other person might think you're fishing for compliments or sympathy too which can put them on the spot and again, make them feel uncomfortable.

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