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Panic Attacks on Accutane??

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Okay, last night I had the worst panic attack. chills, tingly arms, Dread that I was having a stroke or dying, and sick to my stomach. I could not go to bed til 5 am because I was afraid I might die. Okay, I am a smart girl, who most of the time was smacking myself telling me to get it together, but because of the accutane I was worried I might be experiencing a REAL negative side effect, like a stroke. So... I am only on day five and I want to know if the panic attack is common, is it linked with the accutane, or is it the birth control. (I used to be on birthcontrol 7 yrs ago and started having anxiety. the doctor took away the birth control and gave me a small dose of xanax, and I was fine.) This attack was more severe than any of the attacks I had ever experienced seven years ago.

Is accutane responsible for the attack, and what are the chances of having a stroke?

Should I be concerned as a smoker, with the combination of BC pills, that the tingles in my arm could be a stroke?

Am I just having anxiety?

Maybe it is all the warning labels about the drug, and constant warning of side effects that have me trippin.

Anyone else? :think:

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I suffer from anxiety/depression as it is so I know how upsetting and scary panic attacks can be, but I really don't think it will be the Roaccutane, not after 5 days as it hasn't had a chance to start making an effect yet.

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