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Anybody know a good cleanser?

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I've tried Cetaphil cleanser and it gave me huge acne from time to time so I stopped.

I'm currently using Dan's cleanser but I'm looking to replace'em.

I heard Aveeno Ultra Calming is good? Checked out the ingredient and doesn't contain any acne aggravators.

Anything other recommendations?

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were you using plain cetaphil? it won't do anything for you, i've only heard it recommended for people who are using topicals that are making their face really dry. i'm using it now because i'm on retin-a and my face is literally peeling off.

and i beg of you, don't use the aveeno ultra calming. it won't do anything for your acne, just like the plain cetaphil.

i've seriosuly had acne since i was 8 years old. here's what i can remember trying over the years that i've had good results with. for me, my regimens don't work forever and i've had to change my routine many times, which is why there are so many here.

-Clearasil Daily facial wash - it had triclosan in it years ago and it was the best. no triclosan anymore, but still pretty effective.

-Cetaphil cleanser for NORMAL TO OILY SKIN (not the same as the regular cetaphil) - has a strong, chemical-y scent, but it's worked well when i've had bad but non-cystic breakouts.

-Noxzema - you can't go wrong with this. you can actually feel the air moving through your pores when you're done. great during the summer! they used to make a sensitive skin version that i wish i could use with the retin-a, but i haven't been able to find it for a few months. go ahead and try the regular noxzema, though, it's probably my favorite facial cleanser out of all of the ones that i've tried.

-Purpose gentle cleansing wash - it's like a mix of the two cetaphils. mild, but gets the job done when you're only worrying about a few pimples. smells nice!

-clean & clear advantage cleanser - i like to use this when my acne is under control. it smells nice and my face really feels clean. also helps with blackheads, probably because of the salicylic acid.

hope this helps!!!! also, if you're not doing a hard-core regimen and just worrying about getting your face nice and clean, apply a little lotion when you're done cleansing. cetaphil makes a good plain lotion.

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