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Not so sure about switching cleanser...help?

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I've heard that some acne medicines will initially give you a bad breakout (gets worse before it gets better). Does anyone know, either through experience or knowledge, that this can happen with new cleansers too? Specifically, the cleanser I am now using is supposed to be very gentle and a more "natural" way of healing skin, without harsh chemicals and aloe vera etc.

I've been using it for a few days and my skin is just getting more horrible. I feel like a 20 yr old with a 13 yr old face. It sucks. I'm nervous about sticking to this new cleanser in case it just keeps getting worse instead of better. Maybe chemicals and killing my skin is the way to go, ha.


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It does happen. I generally use Cetaphil cleanser but I was using its bar form once and after a month my skin was definitely different. Now others factors could have affected my skin but I'm pretty sure it was switching to the bar which killed my skin, because a month after I stopped using it, my skin is slowly returning. So all that hard work to get rid of all my red marks went down the drain in a a few months.

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I'm pretty sure it can happen. I think it depends on the cleansers though. Ive switched cleansers over ten times and some gave me a small initial breakout and some didnt. I recently switched from Eucerin Redness Relief cleanser to Aveeno Ultra Calming and after the first use my face looked much worse, but after a couple days its looking awesome =] I hoped my answer helped. Good luck!

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I highly recommend Purpose cleanser.

Thanks for the recommendation but I tried Purpose for a while and didn't like. I can't remember if it made my face worse or just didn't help at all, but I stuck with it for a while and decided to go back to cetaphil. Now I'm thinking of going back to cetaphil again because at least that keeps my skin from being too ridiculously broken out.

I'm about to give up on "gentle" cleansers, seriously, lol. I haven't been having much luck.

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