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My diet log

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I'm starting this log, to motivate myself even more to become clear one day.

I already keep a food log everyday, but I'll be posting it here as well.

I've had acne for 4-5 years I think. I've tried topicals and antibiotics. I've tried a diet 2 times already, but I only managed

to stick to it for max 30 days. I think they failed due to lack of fat in my diet, which made me hungry most of the time.

I also used to snack on 80% chocolate, but knowing that I'm probably sugar sensitive that isn't such a good idea.

I need to eliminate sugar completely.

Anyways, I got a better diet now. I've even almost come to the point where I don't even consider it a diet anymore, it's just

the way I eat. I'm eating more meat, avocados, butter and less fruits.

Despite my dietary changes I still get new whiteheads almost every day. It's as if this diet isn't working for me, but nonetheless I'm gonna stick with

it for at least one more month.

Another bad thing is that my mom really wants to take me to the dermatologist again. But I don't want any of her crap.

Last time she already proposed me to start accutane if Differin didn't work. I don't want accutane because I already suspect

that I have a weak liver (maybe I should test it) and I wouldn't be surprised if I'd become depressed.

You can read my current diet in my sig. Today is day 29. I'm having a week vacation from school now, so I'm not at my dorm.

This will probably make it a bit more difficult to eat enough meat. Another problem is that when school starts again, I'll be going

out a lot. This means bad sleep and alcohol :(. I just can't give up these social events, but I'll try sticking with my diet as close as I can.

Things I'm gonna look into:

- Taurine

- Saw Palmetto









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