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what supplements should i take when i go on accutane? and what should i avoid

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i'm starting on accutane starting tommorow for my bacne since its just so horrible. my face is clear though. anywayz i heard it causes loss of hair so should i take some biotin? or would it interact with the drug. also should i take some glucomasine and calcium for my bone? what else should i take? and should i go on special diet too? need lots of advice from people who went on it.

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I take vitamin E, vitamin C, calcium, fish oil capsules (with no vitamin A in), biotin, flax seed oil, and milk thistle!

I also use moisturiser - cetaphil, and on alternate nights, i use emu oil in with the cetaphil, or apply cetaphil and let it soak in for an hour, and then emu oil...

I also make sure i drink atleast 2 litres of water a day, and try to eat healthy and have my 5 a day


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The only thing you really mustn't take is vitamin a, beacuse it can increase side effects and probbaly put more pressure on the liver.

Some people on here have been told by their derm not to take any other vitamins whilst on tane, and someobody said they were told not to take zinc. But then I'm sure that there are other derms who reccommend some vitamins. Several people take biotin for hairloss.

Personally, I don't take any vitamins beacuse I don't want to risk putting any extra pressure on my liver and I eat a good diet so should be getting everything through that. I do take flaxseed oil in liquid and capsule form with my pills though, on the assumption that they contain healthy fats which will help the accutane to absorb.

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