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Switiching from topicals to accutane

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Right now I'm using Benzaclin and Differin (both topical), and I'm thinking about switching to Accutane. However, if I skip a day of Benzaclin or Differin I tend to break out. I'm worried that between the time that I stop using the topicals and the time that the accutane "kicks in", my skin will only get worse.

Has anyone here had experience switiching from topicals to accutane? Did you find that your skin broke out during the transitional period?


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You could try slowly decreasing the amount of topical you use over a month or so. That would probably keep your skin in order while you wait for the Tane to kick in. When your skin feels dry stop the topicals.

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it probably differs from person to person but for me:

I used to use Duac gel at night, before accutane...and let me tell you, if I missed 1 or 2 days of it, i would break out. After seeing some of the photos on these boards, I would NEVER consider my breakouts bad again, but at the time, i thought i looked like shit.

Anyways, I started Sotret (accutane) 4 days ago, I dropped my medicaded wash, and started just cleansing with Cetaphil gentle cleanser in the morning and before bed, and no new pimples !

Trust me, if I had done this when I was not on accutane, I would have had some pretty bad ones in 4 days I bet, but I have no new ones in 4 days, and my neck has actually cleared up a lot, which I didnt expect to happen.

Just today my cheeks started to feel really tight and a little warm, so I think that its starting to kick in a bit.

Anyways, for me, i didnt have any bad reaction, so good luck

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