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Hi all. It's been ages since I have been onto this site but I just wanted to let you know I have just finished my 8 month course of Roaccutane - YAY! My skin is pretty much perfect now which feels ssssoooooo good so make sure you guys that may be feeling disheartened by the initial breakouts and dryness etc. It will be worth it in the end.

I am now though, feeling a little nervous about the best products or regimen to use from this point on to ensure that my skin stays clear for as long as possible. This is my second course and last time my skin was great but within about 6 months as my skins oil production normalised it became as bad as it was before. I have felt when on Roaccutane, I could pretty much use any gentle product on my skin and it wouldn't breakout because of the Roaccutant but now that I am off it I am scared of what I use on it, as in the past when my skin started to breakout again I would try things such as AHA's and topicals such as Differin and it just made my skin worseas it seems more sensitive and reacts more to products after Roaccutane. Through my course I have been using simple and cheap QV products and Cetaphil moisturiser at night. Thes just won't be the right products now though as they are for dry skin and my skins oil production will slowly be returning so it won't be 'dry' anymore.

My derm has told me this time as before that I should avoid using moisturiser on my T-zone as that's my problem area. I don't mind that but what about sun protection? Does anyone know of any that are gentle light and oil ffree. She advised to use only only oil-free products and (moisturiser where needed and makeups) I use Revlon new Compexion foundation and powders and have done for years but wondering if there is a better oil-free foundation I should try too.

She also said that any gentle cleanser should be fine and suggested last time the Garnier Clean Feel cleanser as she said it doesn't make a difference if you pay a fortune or just go a cheap product like thatand this product has fruit acids that can help with exfoliation. I did use it for the whole year between Roaccutane but now wonder if it may have been that that contributed to me starting to breakout again. What does everyone think, are cheap products as good as expensive ones? Before going down the path of going to a derm and getting Roaccutane the first time, I used to go to a beautician for advise, treatments and products and for some time it really did help my skin but it was just so expensive and I was always looking for cheaper options to the detriment of my skin.

I have gained a bit of knowledge about acne and products through the Roaccutane process, but I feel nervous about my skin stuffing up again, so I just wanted to see what advice and tips others have that have gone through similar experiences. Should I go to a beautician again and explain where i'm at and leave my skin care in their hands for a hefty price, or should I follow the simple advice of my derm and just go simple, cheap and oil-free and try a range of products on my own.

Also, I remember reading that there is a book that some people have read that explains skin types and the best products for them based on the ingreadients that are in them so that you can choose products that specifically won't irritate your skin. Does anyone know of this book?

I apologise for the length of this post but I just feel a bit apprehensive and I know this is the place to ask for advice as all you fellow Taners know how it is - Roaccutane may fix your skin but the oil returns and how then do you manage the changing skin type? I kind of wish I could stay on Roaccutane forever!! I hate oiliness.

PS I am also considering going off the pil (Diane 35) and having another child in couple of months which makes me nervous also as I used to get hormonal breakouts.

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