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ability to recover from scars?

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about two years ago, i'd say at the beginning of 10th grade, i had this really big cyst/nodule right between my eyebrows. i couldn't stand it, and a lot of people noticed it and made fun of me for it. i finally got tired of it, and i popped it (needless to say, it squirted like a watergun, sorry for the visual). anywho, it took a while for everything to finally get out, and when it scabbed, i kept picking at it, thinking there was more crud left in there. when it finally healed, i was left with a pretty deep ice pick scar, i mean so deep you could probably stick the tip of a pencil in there, so i'd say about a centimeter deep, and half a centimeter wide.

so long story short, it's been two years, and the scar has (at least i'd say) completely healed. the only remnants of it ever being a deep ice pick scar is a very very VERY shallow boxcar like scar that i think is steal healing. this is the most severe scar that i've had from acne, and as far as i know, the first one i've had. i'm 17 btw.

does this mean i have an ability to recover from scars better than others? i have a few other little scars, that are nowhere near as bad as that one. if that can heal significantly to the point where there is no sign of a scar, will my other scars heal the same? my other scars are more like tiny boxcar scars, and one rolling scar. it's only on one side of my face, and i've only had them since i'd say about october, or at least towards the end of 2007.


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Sounds like yes, your skin heals well. So that's a good indicator. But you are also young. Your skin's ability to heal itself is the highest when you are young and decreases with age. But you shouldn't experience a decrease in healing ability until you are much older.

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