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Theres no sugar added, it all comes from the dates, they have every omega fatty acid in them (some of them), and they've got protein and a lot of vitamins. I like them and eat them a lot, as well as fish oil. But for people who have trouble taking all those pills throughout the day, they can be a replacement.

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Can you get them in Britain do you know? + different flavours.

Because I would rather do this than popping lots of pills and supplements.

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Dates are extremely high in sugar. Cane sugar comes from plants too, does that mean we should eat it with abandon? No, and the same is true of dates.

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Dates are very low in fat. They aren't significant sources of any fatty acid.

It comes from the nuts in the bars.

And you can get them at places like Trader Joes or some 7/11's

one bar has about 12g of sugar, some have more depending if they have other druit as well.

I don't like the low sugar idea of yours, for overall health, I'd rather have sugar. Fructose is an important blood sugar, sucrose is unneeded, cane sugar(sucrose) and has a low GI(glycemic index). Not all plants have the same type of sugar.

Edit: The things in your sig only happen in high amounts. Looked it up. Look at it as if you look at potassium. In high levels it is used to execute prisoners, in normal levels it is essential for health.

Edit: Apple Pie Bar

10g fat

1g sat fat

0g transfat

4g monounsaturated

4.5g polyunsaturated

0g cholesterol

5mg sodium

postassium 280mg

23g carbs

4g fiber

17g sugar

4g protein

Calcium 6%

Iron 8%

Vitamin E 10%

Thiamin 4%

Riboflavin 8%

Niacin 4%

Folate 4%

B6 4%

Phosphorous 10%

Magnesium 10%

Zinc 4%

Copper 15%




Unsweetened apples




1g omega 3 fatty acids

4g omega 6 fatty acids

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