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what is the best birth control pill for acne? I am planing on taking diane 35 for my acne since some friends recommended me. They have glowing skin becuase of this pill. what do you think and how long to see results with bcp. everybody gets initial breakouts or just a few with bcp?

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Guest grace028

My doctor wouldnt prescribe me Diane because it isnt sufficient at controlling birth..it really only helps with acne. It also has bad side effects such as blood clot.

I ended up being prescribed Ortho Tricyclen...after being on Alesse and having that do nothing.

So far ive only been on it for 2 weeks so hard to say if its good.

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I have Diane 35 and it's working well for me.

Not efficient birth control? Surely that can't be true. That's why my doctor prescribed it to me... as birth control :eh:

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I thin that diane was first used as a acne medicine and later on they faound that it also is good for birth control. I read it some where not sure though. Did you ladies have an initian breakout and side effects.I haven't started my pack, still waiting for my period...

they have good info about the pill here


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