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Ok, so i dont have any pics but im about 1 month in to my Accutane cycle. Pills are 40mg. No initial break out. NONE. As a matter of fact after about 5 days my face slowly started getting better. It as very weird and kind of a huge surprise.

Before: Had very very red marks on my face. Fore head and jaw line but towards the end it was forming every where. White heads, and i think there called cyst's, the huge red marks that dont go away (i had waited them out before, literally 2 weeks, after a while i had to pop them). My regimen were everything from the regimen on here, proactive, ACV(drinking and on face), honey mask(what a mess), the sensative style moisturizers and face wash (cetaphil) and using it to have with. Pills were everything under the sun, ACV, doxycycline, green tea pills, zinc....Nothing worked

During/After: Skin is dry, only in certain places. Luckily only on the jaw line, ears, and in between eye brows. Take 1- 40mg Accutane pill in the morning before I eat. No other pills. Try to drink a lot of water. After I work out i hit the sauna to open up them pores and then i immediatly shower at the gym. I wash my face with 5% prescribed BP on a wet face, rub on normal, let sit for 5 seconds then spash water on face. After I get out in the morning i apply Aveeno skin relief moisturizing lotion, with cooling menthol (it works and feels so good). At night i use differin in place of the lotion, apply light coat. No other moisturizer. When i shave i use a Norrelco auto razor with the lotion applyer. I shave before shower in the morning on a dry face.

I think the most important part of this is the moistrizer(other than the tane), it works. It is not heavy. It doesnt not make your face feel oily. This is the be all end all moisturizr for me. I have tried them all, THEM ALL!!! Cetaphil, neutrogena, oil of olay...they were all HEAVY, and made my skin OILY!!! Im not trying to sell this product or whatever, this is something you can get at walmart or food lion, whatever....It literally cools your face on the spot and just disolves, i use it 2 times. Immediatly post shower (with in 5 mins) and then about 1-2 hours later and that will keep the dry flaky skin looking normal.

I can only tell you all what I have used and what works for ME. This combo works. I have tried everyhing else, yes, I have tried your method as well. Give it a shot, just 2-3 weeks if it doesnt work then your right back in the same spot your in now.

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im going to give the cetaphil moisturizer with SPF a try (since it will help protect from the sun)...my skin hasnt begun to get super dry yet (day 4 for me)...

but if I dont like the cetaphil I will for sure try the aveeno, thanks for the tip

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